Quality & Safety

The Everett Clinic has an open and active culture of safety. We know we’re doing what is right for each patient when we carefully review events, share stories and learn from experience.

The Clinic holds itself accountable to the highest standards of patient safety and strives for optimal quality in a thoughtful and deliberate way. We aim to be known nationally for having zero preventable adverse events.

To achieve this, we focus on collaboration and communication with our team so that our Clinic fosters an environment fortified against medical error and primed for quality healthcare.

You – as patient – are the star player on your medical team. We welcome hearing from patients and their loved ones about any concerns.

Some of the best safety procedures are simple. For example, hand-washing is a remarkably effective way to prevent and control infection. So there’s nothing wrong, and everything right, with asking your provider, “Have you washed your hands?”.

Here are some terms that are meaningful to your Clinic as we strive for optimal safety and quality. These ideas provide much of the foundation for the care you receive at the Clinic:

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Evidence-based medicine

This is what we practice. We offer treatment options based on scientific research and medical experience. One example of this is our pharmaceutical policy. We have a team of clinical pharmacists and physicians who evaluate research and make objective recommendations regarding the highest quality, most cost-effective medications. We don’t allow sales representatives to sway our decision-making and have lowered costs for patients and improved quality in this way.

Coordinated care

At The Everett Clinic, you have a team of providers working together for your health and healing. Your providers -- from your trusted family doctor to your skilled surgeon -- use one electronic medical record and excellent laboratories, imaging facilities and outpatient surgery centers are part of your Clinic. Our providers appreciate the ability to collaborate with trusted team members who have the breadth and depth of expertise and experience to provide you the best medical care.

Standardization and system solutions

The Clinic is continually developing and implementing standard processes of care to ensure procedures are done right every time for each patient. The key is to acknowledge and discuss things that don’t go as planned and to develop system solutions.

Continuous improvement

Physicians choose to practice medicine here because of the Clinic’s reputation for quality. It’s a place they’d choose for themselves and their families. However, we won’t rest on our laurels. We’re always looking for innovative solutions and ways to be better.

Preventive care and disease management

We work toward early detection of disease, improved quality of life, fewer hospitalizations and reduced costs for our patients. The Clinic uses evidence-based medicine to manage chronic disease such as diabetes, asthma, heart disease and hypertension. Providers guide treatments, anticipate problems, track outcomes and give patients the information they need to manage their health.