Our Leadership

The Everett Clinic is owned and operated by its physicians. They are personally invested in providing the best possible patient experience and making the Clinic a leading choice for healthcare.

Physicians have the opportunity to become owners after practicing for two years. See list of shareholders, right.

The Clinic is governed by an elected Board of Directors made up of practicing physicians. All major policy decisions are approved by the Board.

The Clinic's leadership consists of the following experienced, dedicated administrators and physicians who make lives better together through health and healing and work to achieve the Clinic's core values

Board of Directors 
    Dr. Harold Dash, President, cardiologist 
    Dr. Shawn Slack, Vice President, rheumatologist 
    Dr. Alka Atal-Barrio, Treasurer, pediatrician 
    Dr. Laurent Nicolov, Secretary, obstetrician and gynecologist 
    Dr. Steve Dahlberg, primary care provider, family medicine 
    Dr. John Goodman, surgeon 
    Dr. Autumn Moser, hospitalist 
    Dr. Ethan Rosenberg, anesthesiologist 
    Dr. James C.M. Lee, primary care provider, internal medicine

Leadership and Administration

    Richard Cooper - Chief Executive Officer 
    Albert W. Fisk, MD - Chief Medical Officer 
    Mark Mantei - Chief Operating Officer 
    Erica Peavy, MD - Medical Director 
    Michael Rohrenbach, DO - Associate Medical Director: Physician 
    Services, primary care provider, family medicine
    Kent Hu, MD - Associate Medical Director: Quality, hospitalist 
    Steven Jacobson, MD - Associate Medical Director: Care 
    Coordination, primary care provider, family medicine 
    Jeff Bissey, MD - Associate Medical Director: Primary Care,
    Michael Millie, MD - Associate Medical Director: Surgery
    Andrea Rodewald - Chief Financial Officer 
    Dayna Eden - Chief Human Resource Officer 
    Becky Hood - Chief Information Officer 
    Chris Knapp - Chief Legal Officer

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