Pharmaceutical Sales Ban

Prescribing based on research, not marketing.

In 1998, The Everett Clinic was one of the first medical groups in the country to ban pharmaceutical companies from physician offices. We believe that prescribing decisions should be based on scientific research and medical experience, not advertising and marketing. To do this, we have a team of clinical pharmacists and physicians who evaluate research and make objective recommendations regarding the highest quality, most cost-effective medications.

Since the ban, effective prescribing has been saving patients more than $88 million per year (compared to Washington State average) without sacrificing quality. In addition, because of the work of our clinical pharmacy team, our patients benefit from the most current research on medication effectiveness and side-effects.

While The Everett Clinic partners with pharmaceutical companies in areas of mutual benefit regarding education and research as appropriate and the Clinical Pharmacist Manager maintains key contacts as needed, the Clinic maintains a strict policy with regard to pharmaceutical sales representatives.

Violations should be reported to the Clinical Pharmacist Manager and will result in penalization up to and including loss of formulary status of the company’s products and a one year ban.

Pharmacy and pharmaceutical company representatives are prohibited from the following at The Everett Clinic:

  • Making sales calls or sending unsolicited emails and faxes to Clinics, staff or providers. Pharmaceutical sales representatives do not have access to The Everett Clinic in any location.
  • Giving food or gifts to Clinic departments, staff or providers
  • Holding drug fairs
  • Offering free samples or coupons
  • Displaying information, literature or exhibits
  • Seeking to obtain physicians and midlevel DEA and NPI numbers

In addition, be advised that:

  • Promotional materials customized to The Everett Clinic are not allowed, unless approved by the Clinical Pharmacist Manager.
  • Everett Clinic physicians and staff do not to accept honoraria or travel expenses for pharmaceutical or medical device company sponsored events, unless exempted by the Medical Director.