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Did you know? When you purchase hearing aids at The Everett Clinic, the cost includes all follow up service to adjust and maintain your optimum hearing over time.

“So there’s no excuse not to come back if you are not doing well,” says audiologist Fritz Goset. “We’re here to help!”

Better hearing is not a commodity, it’s a service. At our center, along with your hearing aids you’ll receive the service that ensures better hearing – proper fitting, programming, technical support, follow-up care, and the needed adjustments over time.

With advances in hearing aid technology more people are able to hear better than ever before. Modern, up-to-date hearing aids can help people hear better without all the background sound. Hearing aids may not provide perfect hearing, but the difference they can make is amazing!

Call the Hearing Aid Center at 425-339-5401 or see your primary care physician for a referral.

At the Hearing Aid Center, we provide unlimited follow-up visits with purchase of hearing aid as well as:

  • Complete hearing tests
  • Wide range of hearing aid styles, prices and payment plans
  • Trial period with hearing aids
  • Lifetime cleaning and reprogramming of hearing aids
  • Hearing aid maintenance, repair and supplies
  • Professional pressure-free environment
  • Advanced technology

Enjoy Life at Your Own Volume

Wi-Fi hearing aids provide:

  • sound clarity even in noisy situations – without buzzing or whistling
  • adjustments to reduce noise but focus on speech
  • a way to wirelessly stream stereo sound from your TV, radio or computer, right to your ear. This allows both you and those around you to listen at a comfortable volume.
  • a remote microphone, which allows another person to directly communicate to you through your hearing aid