The Everett Clinic Smokey Point Medical Center Opens September 4th!
Monday, August 13, 2012
By Robert Klem, MD
Facility Medical Director,The Everett Clinic Smokey Point Medical Center

Imagine: You drive up to a beautiful, contemporarily designed, eco-friendly building and are dropped off beneath the weather-protecting canopy. You enter a medical center that is calm, warm and filled with abundant natural light.

You are immediately welcomed in the lobby by a concierge who helps guide you through registration with a receptionist or perhaps one of the automated self-check in kiosks. You are then directed to your provider's area. Here, you are greeted by your medical assistant and taken into your exam room - not through a noisy workplace area, but through a relaxed area designed just for patients. Once in the exam room, health information and vitals are taken (including weight) in the privacy of the room. This information is communicated seamlessly to your provider who then has more time to spend with you face to face.

If your provider decides services such as lab work or an EKG are needed, they will be done while you are in the exam room so you do not need to wait or travel around the building. Any other services, consultations, or follow-up appointments will also be completed in the room to eliminate additional waiting. Finally, before you depart the exam room you will be given a written summary of the visit, with specific follow up instructions and other pertinent medical information.

Because this is a multi-specialty medical center, you will find nearly all the services you need under one roof. It is unlikely you will need to travel for additional specialty medical or surgical consultations as those providers and services will most likely be present at Smokey Point. This includes a vision center, a physical therapy center and diagnostic imaging department complete with MRI, CT, DEXA Scan and digital mammography services.

It's the right care, at the right time, by the right people, at the right place. Doesn't this sound like a great experience to you? Learn more at