Be a Patient Representative

At The Everett Clinic, we strive to continually improve our services and quality of care. In an effort to better serve you, we invite you to partner with us to improve the patient experience by sharing your perspective.

What is involved in being a patient representative?
Patient representatives are invited to share their feedback by responding to questionnaires via email. Email communications are directly between an Everett Clinic staff member and yourself, and are typically sent no more than once a month. Your feedback is anonymous and your contact information is never shared. All information is used to improve the patient experience.

Occasionally, you may be invited to attend an improvement event in person. Participation for all events is voluntary and at your convenience. You may opt out of the patient representative program at any time.

How does the voice of the patient guide The Everett Clinic?
Input from patient representatives has been invaluable and has led to improvements at The Everett Clinic, including:
  • The layout and patient flow of our new facility in Smokey Point
  • Offering extended office hours till 7 pm, Monday-Thursday
  • Using kiosks to check in for appointments
  • Improving communication with patients when their provider leaves the Clinic
What other patient representatives have said:
“Participating in this process allowed me to see the organization in new ways and deepened my respect for the people who run it…What a wonderfully positive environment in which to work!” –Don C.

“All of the members of the team made me feel not just welcomed but extremely valued.” –Leah T.

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Become a Patient Representative at The Everett Clinic