Become an Everett Clinic Patient

Are you ready to become an Everett Clinic patient? By choosing us to provide care for you and your family, you are receiving access to hundreds of highly-qualified providers who work together as a team to provide seamless, coordinated care.

Why The Everett Clinic?

At The Everett Clinic, you'll have a dedicated team working together that care about your health and healing. Your healthcare provider team -- from your trusted family doctor to your skilled surgeon -- use one electronic medical record to provide the best coordinated care for your and your entire family. Excellent clinics, laboratories, x-ray and imaging facilities and outpatient surgery centers are all part of your locally-owned, physician-owned clinic.

Need help choosing your provider? To help you choose a provider that is right for you, check out our resources for choosing a provider.

Remember. Once you have chosen a provider, check with your insurance carrier to see if he or she is a preferred provider. The Everett Clinic contracts with these insurance plans, but we always recommend that you check with your plan directly.

Call The Everett Clinic Customer Service at 425-339-4204 to become a patient Ready to make your first appointment with us? Call 425-339-4204. Please see our New Patient Information for further information about your first appointment.

Information We Need From You

Please have the following information ready when calling to schedule your appointment:

  • Full Name (including middle initial)
  • Date of Birth
  • Current Address and Phone Number
  • Physician’s Name (who you would like to schedule the appointment with)
  • Purpose of the Appointment
  • Current Insurance Information
  • Current Employer's Name & Phone
It is important to let the scheduler know about ALL of the concerns you would like addressed so that we can schedule the appropriate amount of time to care for your needs.