At The Everett Clinic, we understand that learning about Medicare options can be an overwhelming experience. The following information has been developed to help you understand your options.

Things to consider:

Some things we encourage you to consider when choosing a Medicare health plan include:
  • Can I continue seeing my Everett Clinic Primary Care Physician on the health plan I am considering? 
  • Are my prescriptions covered by this plan? 
  • Is my pharmacy in this plan’s network? 
  • Am I able to get the care I want for a cost I can afford? 
  • Does this plan include the benefits that are most important to me?
To compare your current Medicare or Medicare Advantage health plan to the health plans we currently accept, please visit and select Find Health & Drug Plans to begin your search. Additional information about Medicare options, including what is covered under Medicare Parts A and B, may be found at the Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner web site or call 1-800-562-6900, or the local SHIBA at 425-290-1276.

Medicare Advantage

We believe Medicare Advantage plans are the best option for you. These plans support coordinated care, which is especially important for seniors. Learn more about Medicare Advantage and why The Everett Clinic thinks it could benefit you.

If you have questions about Medicare Advantage, you may call our Medicare Advocate Department at 425-258-3901.

Note: Due to Federal Government restrictions, The Everett Clinic is not allowed to answer questions about specific plans or to make plan recommendations. Please refer to our recommended resources for serveral independent insurance agencies that work with Medicare patients throughout the state.

Annual Medicare Visit

Medicare covers a “welcome to Medicare” preventive visit, as well as a yearly “wellness” visit. Learn more about an Annual Comprehensive Visit for our Patients with Medicare or Medicare Advantage.