Orthopedic Resources

To aid in mobility, you may wish to rent a “scooter”. Several models are available from Walgreens Infusion and Respiratory Services (formerly Option Care), 8120 Evergreen Way, Everett, WA. Phone: 425-348-3600.

Cast Protectors can allow you to take a shower or bath or even be in a swimming pool while keeping your cast dry. If your doctor approves, one product is the Xerosox Waterproof Cast cover from The Therapy Connection at HPMS, Inc. or through Amazon.com.

A long handle shoe horn may be of assistance in putting on shoes. They are available online, in shoe stores, or department store shoe departments.

Grabber tools can help you to reach items or even pull on socks. To obtain this tool, contact a medical supply store, a garden center, or order online.