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Ana Cecilia Hernandez, MD
Family Medicine
"I want my patients to know they're talking to a human being. I want them to feel comfortable talking with me as a person."

Stanwood Clinic
Tue: 8am-6pm
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Thu: 8am-7pm
Fri: 9am-5pm
Ana Cecilia Hernandez, MD is accepting new patients. Call 360-629-1504 to request an appointment.


The first time I meet a new patient, I share a lot about myself because I want patients to know they’re talking to a human being. I happen to be a doctor, and I can help them with whatever they’re going through in their medical life, but it makes things more comfortable for them and for me to know that we’re all just people. A lot of medicine has to do with what lifestyles people lead, so I think it’s very important patients feel comfortable with me, and I do my best to achieve that goal.

  • Medical Degree: University of Washington School of Medicine (1991)
  • Residency: Family Medicine, University of California
  • Board Certified: Family Medicine
  • Speaks fluent Spanish
  • Joined The Everett Clinic in 2012

Why The Everett Clinic?

Friends of mine had come to The Everett Clinic several years ago, and kept telling me, "Cecilia, you can’t believe this place, they’ve really got it together here." I’m finally here, and I’ve seen for myself now how right they were.