Family Medicine

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For a trusted advisor who can care for your entire growing family for life, help with preventive care to keep you healthy, guide you through your health decisions, and treat the whole you – consider physical, mental, and emotional healthcare – look for a family medicine provider to focus on disease prevention and health promotion for you throughout your entire life.

Family medicine providers also work as a team with all of the providers and experts at The Everett Clinic to provide referrals and additional expertise where needed. You have access to the best!

Your lifelong partners in health

See your family medicine provider for recommended preventive healthcare including check-ups and annual visits. Your provider can also be there to diagnose and treat problems or help with workplace injuries. For school age children, they can help with sports physicals and concerns such as ADHD. Family medicine providers have the expertise to help aging adults as well.

Your family's healthcare team

Your family medicine provider can assist your growing family. You can see your established provider for low risk pregnancy care and deliveries (Marysville and Silver Lake). That same provider can be there for a newborn-check up and could provide a circumcision.

Family medicine providers can also help your family manage any chronic illness including diabetes and heart disease.

They also can provide some surgical interventions such as vasectomies and skin biopsies.