Your First Visit

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Before your visit
Please take the time to fill out our nephrology new patient form in its entirety, and bring the completed form with you to your visit. Also, please bring a complete list of all medications and the dosage you are currently taking. Be sure to include any over-the-counter medications, vitamins, or herbal supplements you may be taking. We may need to collect a urine sample during your visit, so please come with a full bladder if possible. If you have old records from other locations, it would be helpful if we had them prior to the visit

During your visit
Your first visit will consist of a complete physical examination and a comprehensive evaluation, including: 
  • A history of your current problem 
  • Previous treatments and complications 
  • Medical history 
  • Family History
Additional testing may be done including: 
  • Urinalysis 
  • Imaging studies such as a renal ultrasounds or CT Scans. 
  • Blood testing as needed
End of your visit
Your Nephrologist will suggest a diagnosis and treatment plan. Typically, follow-up visits are arranged to ensure that the treatment plan is working as well as expected. We have a comprehensive team at The Everett Clinic. Referrals may be made, depending on your problem, to Heart & Vascular, Pulmonary or Urology. We will have a summary and plan printed for you at the end of your visit.