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The Everett Clinic is one of the six partners in the Centers for Occupational Health and Education program (COHE).

For Injured Workers

We are here to treat your workplace condition(s) and help you return back to activities as soon as possible. The Occupational Medicine providers at The Everett Clinic are specialists in work-related injuries and can help coordinate your care and return to work processes.

    Injured on the job? What to do:

  • For acute injuries that need immediate attention, go to one of our 9 Walk-In Clinics, open 7 days a week.
  • The Walk-In Clinic or your primary care provider may refer you to us, or you can see us without a referral for job-related injuries. Just call to make an appointment at 425-339-5489.
  • Your treatment will begin at your first appointment and we will manage your care through the length of your L&I claim.

The workers compensation systems are complicated, we can help.

All Everett Clinic providers are in the Washington L&I medical provider network. The Occupational Medicine providers can help:

  • File your claim at your first appointment, if not done previously, whether your employer is in the state fund (L&I), self-insured or federal workers compensation systems.
  • Coordinate your care as your attending provider or provide a one- time consultation.
  • Navigate the L&I system and pull together the resources you need.
  • Be a liaison to your employer and L&I team regarding your claim
  • Assist to reopen your prior claim*
  • Provide a rating for most WA L&I covered conditions.

Schedule your appointment by calling 425-339-5489. We have two convenient occupational medicine clinic locations: Everett and Smokey Point.

* It may be more effective if you see your prior treating provider for this or arrange to have your prior claim medical records available to us at or before your reopening visit.

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Call 425-339-5489

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Marti Bradley, Program Manager

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