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"I like to think of how I'd like to be treated, if I were in my patient's shoes." – Dr. Frost

If you suffer from an upper or lower extremity injury, we can help you. Your orthopedics team is committed to solving bone and muscle problems. We provide surgical correction and preservation of the function of the skeletal system, its joints, and associated structures such as ligament, tendons, and muscles. We also offer physical medicine and rehabilitation and sports medicine.

Your team includes board certified orthopedic surgeons and physician assistants who have trained at medical schools and facilities including Cornell, Tufts, Yale, Cleveland Clinic as well as our own University of Washington. 

Like you, our orthopedic providers enjoy an active lifestyle in the Pacific Northwest and our goal is to get you moving, doing what you enjoy, whether you’re training as a competitive athlete, playing recreational sports, or staying fit.

At The Everett Clinic, you’ll have a team working together for your health and healing in orthopedics and across the Clinic. You may see us for:

  • Sports medicine -- Prevent and recover from injuries and maximize your level of physical function. Enhance your athletic performance or establish a healthy exercise routine for your body.
  • Arthroscopic surgery -- This minimally invasive surgical procedure is used for joint repair of the knee, shoulder, elbow, wrist, ankle and foot -- to treat rotator cuff tears and reconstruct knee ligaments such as the ACL, for example.
  • Physical therapy -- When you need help to heal and regain movement, our team of physical therapists is ready to care for you.
  • Outpatient surgery -- The Everett Clinic's two Surgery Centers, both in Everett on Rucker Ave., specialize in outpatient, same-day surgery. We focus on optimal patient safety and quality as we care for each patient.