Boeing Intensive Outpatient Care Program

In collaboration with the Boeing Company, The Everett Clinic piloted a two-and-a-half year project focusing on improving the care of complex patients. The pilot was so successful that the program now will be available to Everett Clinic patients.

Boeing asked The Everett Clinic, along with Valley Medical Center and Virginia Mason Medical Center, to participate in a pilot to help coordinate the care of employees who were high users of health services. The pilot enrolled 740 non-Medicare Boeing patients in an Intensive Outpatient Care Program (IOCP).

Patients were connected to a multidisciplinary care team that included a dedicated nurse care manager and a supervising physician. Each IOCP-enrolled patient received a comprehensive intake interview, physical exam and diagnostic testing.

A care plan was developed in partnership with the patient. The plan was executed through intensive in-person, phone and email contacts. The care plan included ongoing outreach by the nurse, education in self-management of chronic conditions and care coordination by the IOCP team. Daily team planning “huddles” were used to plan patient interactions and specialists were directly involved when needed.

At the end of the pilot, the program had reduced the cost of care for these patients by 20 percent. Patients found the experience very helpful and were pleased with the access and support of the care team.

Care Management at The Everett Clinic
Today the Clinic has implemented a similar Intensive Care program for Everett Clinic patients called Care Management.

This model allows The Everett Clinic to provide a higher level of care for patients with specific diagnoses, focused on optimal health for the patient while still managing costs. Careful monitoring of these complex patients will prevent expensive emergency department visits and hospital admissions. Patients will be connected to a care team that includes a dedicated nurse care manager and a supervising physician.