Generic Drug Prescribing at The Everett Clinic

The Everett Clinic saves money without sacrificing quality by prescribing generic drugs whenever appropriate. The Clinic has increased generic prescriptions from 41 percent in 2001 to 90 percent in 2013. This approach saves an estimated $88 million a year.

A typical example of savings is that generic medicines used to treat acid reflux are equally safe and effective as brand name drugs, but cost $15 less per prescription.

To ensure that science and not marketing influence prescribing decisions, The Everett Clinic does not allow pharmaceutical representatives and drug samples in our facilities. Staff pharmacists research newly released drugs and inform doctors when new, cost-effective generic drugs or treatment alternatives are available.

The program's estimated savings represent the difference between the amount insurance plans pay for Everett Clinic patients’ prescriptions compared to drug costs for non-Clinic patients in Washington State.