Providence Hospice and Homecare of Snohomish County

The “Partners in Palliative Care” program is a unique partnership between The Everett Clinic and Providence Hospice and Homecare of Snohomish County.

The program focuses on promoting quality of life and alleviating suffering during the last two years of life. It is an interdisciplinary, team-oriented approach to medical care, pain management and emotional and spiritual support, designed to meet the needs and wishes of patients.

According to the national Institute for Healthcare Improvement, the majority of people with advanced, life-limiting illnesses only receive the support and care they need during their last days, if at all. Weeks and even months often go by during which they experience unnecessary physical pain and emotional distress and receive unwanted or unneeded services.

This program decreases unnecessary or unwanted hospitalizations and emergency room visits, while providing the highest quality care and connecting patients with valuable community resources.

In 2010, the Palliative Partnership was named a Circle of Life Award® winner by the American Hospital Association, recognizing innovation that improves the care of patients near the end of life or with life-threatening conditions.