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Do you feel like an imposter?

Dr. Paul
Man looking at reflection.

When I was a newly minted psychologist, Ph.D. and license in hand after so many years of training, I felt pretty insecure. For the first five years, I would sit across from my patients, and at various moments think to myself— “I wonder what a real psychologist would say right now?”. I imagined one of my teachers, who always seemed to know what to say or do. Now, he was a real psychologist! --not me, despite my doctorate. Read more about Do you feel like an imposter?

Welcome 2017

Dr. Paul
New Year goals 2017.

The turning of the calendar invites reflection about the previous year and contemplation about the year to come.  If taken seriously, this is a healthy tradition. It’s useful to look back and reflect on experiences, challenges, successes, and disappointments. What happened in 2016 that was important? What did I do last year that made me feel good about myself? Where did I miss the mark? Was I the person I wanted to be? What were my aspirations for last year? How did I do? Read more about Welcome 2017


S-M-A-R-T Goals for the New Year

A New Year, a healthier you! It’s that time of year again, time for a fresh start, a clean slate. What do you want to do for your health in the coming year? Improve your eating habits? Become more active and energized? Start thinking ahead and plan for your wellness in 2017. The best way to achieve success is to set clear and achievable goals.


S – Specific

Be clear, concise and directed. Read more about S-M-A-R-T Goals for the New Year

Reflections from a new senior citizen: It’s all about love

Dr. Paul
Winter sky reflections Everett, WA.

This December is a big month for me.  Last weekend, Diane and I celebrated our 39th wedding anniversary and our 43-year relationship. On December 26th, I will turn 65 and officially become a senior citizen. These milestones are great opportunities to consider—what have I learned over these 65 years of life? What have I learned over 39 years of marriage?

I have to admit (trust me, my wife agrees!) that I’m a slow learner. It takes me a long time to really understand stuff. But once I get it, it sticks. Read more about Reflections from a new senior citizen: It’s all about love


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