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4 tips for better hearing

By Fritz Goset, Audiologist
The Everett Clinic Hearing Aid Center

People have typically had a big complaint about hearing aids— they hear too much noise! Fortunately, modern, up-to-date hearing aids can help people hear better without all the background sound. Another concern is when hearing aids don’t work well or stop working. For the best experience, aids need to be fitted expertly and then adjusted over time.

Here are four tips for purchasing or replacing a hearing aid: 

  1. Find a professional audiologist.
    Look for a Certificate of Clinical Competence in Audiology (CCC-A), an internationally-recognized credential. 
  2. Get fitted with Real Ear Measurements (REM).
    REM measures the sound in your ear with and without the hearing aid to ensure true, individualized settings. 
  3. Select a hearing aid for your needs and lifestyle.
    Your audiologist should be able to guide you to your best match. 
  4. Seek follow up care.
    Better hearing comes from a relationship with a trusted provider who will work for your best hearing for life. Your needs will change. Come in for adjustments.

Fritz Goset, Audiologist and Manager of The Everett Clinic Hearing Aid Center, has been fitting people with high-performing hearing aids for more than 35 years. He earned his Master’s degree in Audiology at Idaho State University and is a CCC-A certified professional audiologist by the American Speech-Language Hearing Association. “We’re honored and pleased when people choose The Everett Clinic for their hearing help,” he says.