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Men's Health: Low-T

One health issue primarily affecting men that has received a lot of attention recently is low testosterone (T) or male hypogonadism in medical terminology. This is a condition that can affect 5-10% of men above 30, and is more common as one gets older (or wiser, depending on your point of view).

Male hypogonadism is a condition caused by inappropriately low testosterone production, and it can be associated with low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, muscle weakness, mild depression, and breast discomfort or enlargement.

If you think you have low testosterone, talk to your physician. Many other conditions such as poor sleep, uncontrolled diabetes, being overweight, or excessive alcohol use may also cause similar symptoms and be confused with low T. In our clinic, we can evaluate whether your symptoms are really from low T or something else.

If you are indeed a candidate for testosterone treatment, there are several options available for testosterone replacement, ranging from periodic muscle injections, daily patches or gels, implantable pellets (implanted under the skin) or tablets applied to the gums. We can help you figure out which forms are best for you based on your preferences and personal considerations.

So if you think you may have low testosterone level then be candid with your physician