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Getting along with difficult co-workers

Dr. Paul
Passive aggresive co workers.

Modern work life requires considerable teamwork. In today’s work world, “team members” work on projects, complete “deliverables”, and work together to improve the customer experience. It’s the new world order. Read more about Getting along with difficult co-workers


What is Breast Awareness?

What is this new term “breast awareness”? As providers, we use this term as a way to communicate to women the importance of a broader awareness of breast health, that goes beyond the traditional monthly breast self-exam and a yearly mammogram. Read more about What is Breast Awareness?

The horror in Las Vegas

Dr. Paul
Las Vegas strip.

When I first heard about the shooting in Las Vegas, my reaction was muted—“Another shooting”, I sadly thought. But then, on the way home from work, I listened to first-person accounts of the shooting.  As I heard a man describe what happened, I had a sinking feeling in my gut. This event was even worse than I imagined. Joyful concert goers, listening to the music they love, thought they heard fireworks—until they realized that a fusillade of bullets was raining down on their bodies. No more needs to be said. Most of us have either seen or heard this disturbing news. Read more about The horror in Las Vegas


Recipe for life: Gratitude, resilience, and community

Dr. Paul
Community of friends.

Lately, it’s hard to pick up a newspaper. Hurricanes, one after another, have pounded the Caribbean, Florida, and Texas. Mexico has been beset with earthquakes—hundreds have died. It seems like the earth has been in a state of crisis, taking out its fury on innocent men, women, and children.

It’s easy to experience compassion fatigue. As soon as the new hurricane hit, we didn’t hear much about Houston anymore. But trust me, there are still thousands of people in Texas up to their eyebrows in water logged furniture, walls, and belongings. Read more about Recipe for life: Gratitude, resilience, and community

The First Weeks of School

Dr. Paul
Kids running in the front door.

It’s happening. Kids have made it through the beginning of school with all its excitement and nervousness. Now the pace is quickening, and students are half way to their first progress report! (Help!) Teachers have set the tone for the year and clarified their expectations. They allowed the kids to accelerate slowly into the school year—but now they are up to speed. Read more about The First Weeks of School



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