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What is hoarseness?

Hoarseness is a very common problem and refers to abnormal voice changes. Hoarseness is a symptom, not a disease and one-third of the US population experiences this symptom at some point in their lives. Hoarseness is more common in those with significant voice strains, such as construction workers, teachers and telephone operators. All ages can be affected, from newborns to seniors. Women are typically affected more often than men. If you are experiencing hoarseness, you should see a healthcare provider for evaluation and care, whether medical or surgical.  Read more about What is hoarseness?

Older adult alcohol abuse, a growing problem

Dr. Paul
Pouring a glass of wine.

Alcohol abuse is a growing problem for older adults. According to public health surveys, older adult alcohol use disorders are on the rise. Read more about Older adult alcohol abuse, a growing problem


Turn on the lights!

Dr. Paul
Illuminated bedroom table lamp.

When I moved to the Northwest 25 years ago, I was surprised by the short winter days. It got dark so early! I was ready for rain (after all, isn’t Seattle the rain capital of the Northwest?), but I was unprepared for the long dark nights that start in the late afternoon. Read more about Turn on the lights!


Falling for Allergies?

As most allergy sufferers will tell you, allergy symptoms can always be bothersome, turning any time of year into sneezing season. A runny nose, itchy eyes and scratchy throat can arise as the days get shorter and the leaves begin to change. Read more about Falling for Allergies?

Growing Your Self-Esteem

Dr. Paul
Confident female.

Amy wonders: “What’s my worth?” She measures her income, material wealth, appearance, and weight. She adds it up, subtracts by her age, divides by the size of her family, and multiplies by the value of her house. Out comes the sum of her worth. Read more about Growing Your Self-Esteem


Getting along with difficult co-workers

Dr. Paul
Passive aggresive co workers.

Modern work life requires considerable teamwork. In today’s work world, “team members” work on projects, complete “deliverables”, and work together to improve the customer experience. It’s the new world order. Read more about Getting along with difficult co-workers


What is Breast Awareness?

What is this new term “breast awareness”? As providers, we use this term as a way to communicate to women the importance of a broader awareness of breast health, that goes beyond the traditional monthly breast self-exam and a yearly mammogram. Read more about What is Breast Awareness?


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