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Dealing with an anxiety epidemic

Dr. Paul

As a child psychologist, I see a growing number of children with anxiety—it’s disheartening. These kiddos are worriers, sleep poorly, and have frequent headaches and stomachaches. They worry about their parents, their future, grades, and their friends. Many of them have a permanent pit in their stomach.

According to the National Institute of Health, between 2007 and 2012, there was a 20% increase in anxiety disorders among children. They estimate that 30% of teenagers suffer from too much anxiety. This is alarming. What’s causing this epidemic of fear and worry? Read more about Dealing with an anxiety epidemic

It takes a village

Dr. Paul

When I was 13 years old, my beloved grandmother, who lived with us, died. Several months later, my parents got divorced—all in the same year.

It was the hardest year in my life. The loss of my grandmother from a sudden heart attack was devastating. She had lived with us since I was 8 years old. A few months later, my parents announced to me that they were getting a divorce. Read more about It takes a village

Keeping your summer peace during autumn’s rush

Dr. Paul

Everyone loves summer in the Northwest—the sun, the warm days, cool nights, —and yes, the long days that stretch into evening. I know, we all like to complain, just a little, when a cloudy, cool, or rainy day shows up. Or when the temperature climbs. But today, the sky is blue, and the sun peaks through my window shades. I love it. Read more about Keeping your summer peace during autumn’s rush

Valuable lessons in grandparenting

Dr. Paul

These last few weeks I’ve had a big dose of grandparenting. My youngest daughter, on the East Coast, had a child-care emergency. My wife and I were able to pitch in and take care of her daughter, Orly, who is a delightful 2 years old. Read more about Valuable lessons in grandparenting

Making family vacations more enjoyable

Dr. Paul

We are the in middle of family vacation season. Kids and parents look forward to their holiday travels—to the San Juan Islands, the Cascades, the coast, Eastern Washington, or visiting family in distant states.

Some families have yearly vacation spots. When our kids were growing up, we went to the same town on Cape Cod in Massachusetts every year. We all anticipated our two weeks at the ocean with excitement. And when we arrived, our daughters wanted to do everything they did “last year.” Read more about Making family vacations more enjoyable

Spotlight: Katherine Hurd, MD

July 12, 2019


As a child, Dr. Katherine Hurd knew medicine was her calling after watching a slideshow from her aunt’s mission trip to Uganda. Each picture showed her a beautiful world in need and she felt the pull to respond.

“From that moment on, I was drawn to medicine and medical missions,” she said.

Years later, after completing medical school at the University of Washington, Hurd took a job with a non-profit in Uganda conducting malaria research. Her childhood dream became reality. Read more about Spotlight: Katherine Hurd, MD

TEC Physician takes on K2, hopes to climb into history

July 12, 2019


Dr. Rick Thurmer is on the verge of history. The only thing standing in his way is K2, the second-highest mountain in the world, also called Savage Mountain for its degree of difficulty to summit.

Reaching the top of K2 will mean Thurmer, a Walk-In Clinic physician and experienced mountaineer, will become only the third known person in history to climb the highest and second-highest mountains on all seven continents. Read more about TEC Physician takes on K2, hopes to climb into history

Nurturing your love to build a strong relationship

Dr. Paul

I attended a beautiful wedding July 4th weekend. The couple, in their early 30s, wondered in their late 20s—would they ever find love? Leslie, the bride, had attended tens of weddings of her large friendship circle. Now, it was her turn to walk down the aisle.

As in many modern weddings, the couple shared with their community their deep sense of love and respect for each other by writing their own vows and sharing their love story. It was touching. Most of us older folks had tears in our eyes. Read more about Nurturing your love to build a strong relationship


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