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Becoming the person you hope to be

Dr. Paul
Grandfather teaching grandson to water.

Two months ago, I retired from my job as Director of the Behavioral Health department of The Everett Clinic. I was hired 25 years ago to start the department, and for a quarter of a century I was at the helm. It was a great job. Sure, I had my ups and downs, but I loved having the opportunity to try out different ways of providing a high quality service to our patients. During those years, I also saw patients half-time as a psychologist. I had the privilege of working with many kids in the 1990’s who became adults and then had their own children. Read more about Becoming the person you hope to be


Fathers and sons

Dr. Paul
Father and son bonding.

On April 1st, my father would have celebrated his 99th birthday.

When he was 87, he learned that he had inoperable lung cancer. When he told me, I was surprised how sad I felt. He had always been relatively healthy—despite having the usual cardiovascular problems of older age. I thought I was prepared for the inevitable. I wasn’t.

As an adult, I always felt distant from my father. We spoke different languages. He was a scientist, a technician, an engineer who lived in the world of facts, symbols, and numbers. I am a psychologist, who lives in the world of people. Read more about Fathers and sons


In the news: Flu season still going strong, but might have peaked

April 01, 2019

The Everett Herald reports on the number of Snohomish County residents who have tested positive for influenza.

Everett Clinic Dr. Yuan Po-Tu contributes:

“We may have seen the peak of the 2018-2019 outbreak,” said Dr. Yuan-Po Tu, who monitors influenza issues for The Everett Clinic.

“The levels are still very, very high,” Tu said. “But this is better than last week. Read more about In the news: Flu season still going strong, but might have peaked

Are you a "snow plow" parent?

Dr. Paul
Caucasian family sitting together smiling.

The recent news, about wealthy parents enlisting the help of a “college admissions” company to falsify their children’s college application, has received a great deal of publicity. Frankly, what these parents did was disgusting. Some of the kids had no idea their parents were pulling strings, while I’m sure others knew perfectly well what their parents were up to. Children growing up in wealthy families know all about privilege—getting to the head of the line isn’t a new experience for them. Read more about Are you a "snow plow" parent?


Influenza Update: March 25

March 26, 2019

The Everett Clinic Urgent care providers continue to see very high numbers of patients testing positive for influenza A. However, we may have seen the peak of the 2018-2019 outbreak. The number of patients testing positive and the percent positive test rate dropped slightly last week. The number of patients seen in the Walk-In Clinic also dropped slightly last week. 

Read more about Influenza Update: March 25

In the news: The flu has returned with a vengeance in Snohomish County

March 22, 2019

The Everett Herald reports on Snohomish County's uptick in flu related illness. To get your flu shot visit any Everett Clinic Primary Care location Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 12 pm and 1 to 5 pm. No appointment is necessary.

Everett Clinic Walk-In Clinic and Flu physician, Dr. Yuan Po-Tu contributes:

A week ago, there were record numbers of people testing positive for influenza in Snohomish County. Read more about In the news: The flu has returned with a vengeance in Snohomish County

Reflections on “A star is born”

Dr. Paul
Photo courtesy of Dr. Paul Schoenfeld.

While flying home from a visit with my granddaughters, I saw the recent remake of “A star is born”. It’s a well done film. I had no idea that Lady Gaga (Ally) had such a beautiful voice.  Ally’s rise to stardom, based on good fortune and amazing talent, was heartwarming. But Jackson’s story, is sad, painful, and all too familiar. It’s the story of alcoholism and drug addiction and the rising suicide rate among middle aged adults. It’s a tragedy that touches all of us—either directly or indirectly. Read more about Reflections on “A star is born”


Functional fitness as we age

Dr. Paul
Senior aged adults being active outdoors.

Growing older brings greater wisdom and perspective. But it also brings aches and pains that come with an aging body. When I get up in the middle of the night for a trip to the bathroom, my body is stiff and tight. I hate to think about what I might look like as I take those first few steps. Read more about Functional fitness as we age

Parents and their adult children

Dr. Paul
Adult son with older father.

It’s tough being a parent—even when your children are fully fledged adults.

For so many years, Moms and Dads are involved in every aspect of their youngsters lives—what they eat, when they go to sleep, what they wear, and what they do. The first 18 years comprise the biggest responsibility a person will ever have. I remember the sense of wonder I felt when we brought our first baby home from the hospital. With that awe came the dawning realization-- I was completely responsible for this helpless being. I knew my life would never be the same. And it wasn't. Read more about Parents and their adult children



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