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We are more similar than different

Dr. Paul
Adult couple walking through the forrest.

It’s been a beautiful summer in the Pacific Northwest! The days are long, warm, and almost every afternoon has been sun kissed. Indeed, we are the land of the late day sun. After work, while the sun is still high, I enjoy walking around Green Lake in Seattle with the parade of after-dinner walkers. Kids are still splashing around in the water and there are battalions of standup boards paddling across the lake. Read more about We are more similar than different

Important realizations of family life

Dr. Paul
Family sharing breakfast together.

When my daughters were little, I had two important realizations that changed the course of my parental life.

I realized that their childhood was going to fly by, like a flash of lightning in a summer sky. Before I knew it, they would be out of our nest. And, I recognized, that as a full time working parent, that my moments with them would be limited. Like most parents, I had to balance work, parenthood, household responsibilities—in other words, the laundry of life. How was I going to approach this time limited opportunity? Read more about Important realizations of family life


Sports Physicals

Did you know that the State of Washington requires children in grade 6 and up to have a sports physical prior to participating in new sports activity or season? Sports physicals help to determine whether it is safe for a child or adolescent to participate in vigorous or competitive physical activity. With the first day of school less than 2 months away, I encourage my families to get their children in for an exam at least 6 weeks prior to the start of the sports season. This allows enough time for a follow-up on health issues that may be identified during the physical.  Read more about Sports Physicals

Meditations on mortality

Dr. Paul
Reflecting on life in the summer sun.

On a recent air trip, the plane lurched, suddenly lost attitude, and shook violently. Many passengers screamed. The pilot told anyone standing to drop to the floor. It was a terrifying moment for everyone, and one I have never experienced before, after almost a half century of air travel. Read more about Meditations on mortality


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