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Life is change

Dr. Paul
Life is change.

Unexpected changes can be jarring and dramatic, but life means change. Everything has a beginning, middle, and end. It's all in how we cope. Read more about Life is change

One more mass murder

Dr. Paul
American flag flown at half mass.

Gun violence is becoming a common occurrence in the United States contributing to more than 347 mass murders. It's easy to blame individuals and easy access, but there is not one single cause. Read more about One more mass murder


Lessons from the Olympics

Olympic skiier.

I love watching the Olympics! It’s amazing to see these young athletes perform triple toe loops on the ice, aerials on the ski slopes, and unbelievable speed and daring in the downhill. In between watching events, we learn about the competitors, their lives, and how they found their way onto the Olympic stage.

These competitions break down the walls between nations and bring us together for the best of who we can be. And who doesn’t love it when their countrymen and women win gold! It’s a festival of light. Read more about Lessons from the Olympics

Mindful parenting

Dr. Paul
Mother and son doing dishes at kitchen sink.

Becoming a father has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. My daughters and I grew up together.  I studied many chapters in the book of life—patience, cooperation, humility, and gratitude. Now, I’m onto the next chapter—grandparenthood! It’s everything that my friends said it would be--pure pleasure! Read more about Mindful parenting


Parents of lost teenagers, don't give up hope

Dr. Paul
Frustrated adolscent boy holding head in hands.

Several years ago, Joe’s 18-year-old son, Bill, left home without a word. His early adolescence was marked by chronic lying to his parents, drug use, school failure, and defiance. Joe and his wife tried to re-engage with their son. But all they heard from him was tall stories and promises that were never kept. After several years of this same story, they were discouraged, hopeless, and heartbroken. They feared that Bill would never find his way back to his family. They worried that he wouldn’t find his way into a responsible, successful adulthood. Read more about Parents of lost teenagers, don't give up hope

Anxiety in Children

Dr. Paul

Mental health providers are seeing a growing number of children and teenagers with disabling anxiety. The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that fully one-third of teens struggle with significant anxiety. Read more about Anxiety in Children


Anxiety is a growing problem

Dr. Paul
Depressed female feeling anxious.

It seems to me that anxiety is becoming a more widespread problem among both children and adults. Anxiety disorders are characterized by excessive worry, avoidance, and uncomfortable bodily sensations including pounding heart, muscle tension, dizziness, stomach pain and headaches, sweating, and rapid breathing. These symptoms can become disabling. Read more about Anxiety is a growing problem


Parenting: Reward or Punishment

Dr. Paul
Happy family sitting on a couch.

Parents often use punishment as a way to change misbehavior, but that is not always choice. Simple behavioral principles like positive reinforcement and consistency can prove more effective. Read more about Parenting: Reward or Punishment



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