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Recipe for a joyful holiday

Dr. Paul
Three children make a mess in the kitchen.

I can always tell when the holidays are around the corner—drivers start to take out all of the slack! Gone are the polite Northwesterner’s who always let someone into their lane. Beware of those four-way stops! It’s everyone for themselves!

For many adults, the holidays are a mixture of sweet, sad, and stressful moments. Here’s my recipe for a rewarding holiday season for yourself and your loved ones. Read more about Recipe for a joyful holiday

Experiencing stillness, wonder, and grace

Dr. Paul
Beginning your day with relaxing coffee.

The hustle bustle of everyday life can keep us from experiencing stillness, wonder, and grace. It prevents us from being aware of the moment and cultivates impatience with our here and now. Read more about Experiencing stillness, wonder, and grace


Maintaining balance amid change

Pacific Northwest road with mountains.

Everything changes. Every day our kids grow older. Companies enlarge, shrink, and become something else. Relationships develop or die. Our bodies age. New technology replaces old gadgets.  Intellectually we know—Don’t get too comfortable with the status quo. But when something changes that we value, we’re angry. Why is this happening to me? What did I do to deserve this? We react. And unless it’s something that we wanted---not too well. Read more about Maintaining balance amid change

Older adult alcohol abuse, a growing problem

Dr. Paul
Pouring a glass of wine.

Alcohol abuse is a growing problem for older adults. According to public health surveys, older adult alcohol use disorders are on the rise. Read more about Older adult alcohol abuse, a growing problem


Turn on the lights!

Dr. Paul
Illuminated bedroom table lamp.

When I moved to the Northwest 25 years ago, I was surprised by the short winter days. It got dark so early! I was ready for rain (after all, isn’t Seattle the rain capital of the Northwest?), but I was unprepared for the long dark nights that start in the late afternoon. Read more about Turn on the lights!


Growing Your Self-Esteem

Dr. Paul
Confident female.

Amy wonders: “What’s my worth?” She measures her income, material wealth, appearance, and weight. She adds it up, subtracts by her age, divides by the size of her family, and multiplies by the value of her house. Out comes the sum of her worth. Read more about Growing Your Self-Esteem


Getting along with difficult co-workers

Dr. Paul
Passive aggresive co workers.

Modern work life requires considerable teamwork. In today’s work world, “team members” work on projects, complete “deliverables”, and work together to improve the customer experience. It’s the new world order. Read more about Getting along with difficult co-workers



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