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Pap Tests: No longer a yearly ritual

As you have probably noticed, your annual preventive exam doesn't always include a pap test anymore.  Why is this?  To answer, you need to know what a pap test tests, why it’s done and what is different now.

A pap involves the collection of cells from the lowermost section of the uterus, called the cervix. The cervix is located at the top of the vagina and is accessed by inserting a speculum into the vagina, so your provider can see the area.  A small brush is swept around the cervix and loose cells are caught and sent for analysis. Read more about Pap Tests: No longer a yearly ritual

Men search to become real fathers

Dr. Paul
Father and son bonding next to outdoor fire.

My father, like most men of his generation, knew little about being a dad. He came home late on weekdays. He spent his evening hours commuting home or at a part-time teaching job. On weekends, he paid bills. Sunday mornings, he and I would drive to the local bakery—together we would buy brightly colored Danish pastries for brunch. It was one of the few times during the week that I spent time alone with my Dad.
We spent so little time together. Each moment, however mundane, felt special to me. Read more about Men search to become real fathers


Men: Be the example

In June we celebrate Men's Health Month. A time where we encourage awareness of preventable health problems and early detection and treatment of diseases among men and boys. Healthy habits are some of the many examples we can provide to our children and loved ones for a lifetime of wellness.

Eat healthy.

Include a variety of vegetables and fruits daily. Think colorful! Fruits and vegetables have essential vitamins and minerals that can help protect from chronic disease.

Cut the fat!

Limit foods high in calories, sugar, salt, fat, and alcohol. Read more about Men: Be the example

School is coming to a close: How did your teen do?

Dr. Paul

I’m always amazed how many parents drag their teens in to see me near the end of the school year. Their concerns are always the same—“Joey is getting D’s and F’s. What should we do?” I see a ton of 9th graders. They had a bad first term and an even worse second term. I have to give them the bad news—it’s too late to salvage the semester. Read more about School is coming to a close: How did your teen do?


Pounding the pavement?

If you can hear feet hitting the ground while you’re running, you're probably setting yourself up for injury. Excessive noise during running comes from bad form. Keep your feet close to the ground and try to use a quick, shuffling stride. Read more about Pounding the pavement?

Wear sunscreen, prevent cancer

Did you know that 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime? Sunscreen helps prevent skin cancer by protecting you from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. Think about the following when enjoying our onset of beautiful weather. Read more about Wear sunscreen, prevent cancer


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