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Heart healthy diet

Did you know every 40 seconds, someone dies due to heart disease? As the number one cause of death in the United States, many of my patients ask me how to live well. I tell them to picture wellness as a pie. Each slice has a purpose for balance and wellness. The slices I discuss include nutrition, physical activity, spirituality, community, and mindfulness. Read more about Heart healthy diet

Aging adult living changes

Dr. Paul
Caring for elderly parent.

It’s tough for older adult adults to make timely transitions into new living situations. All too often, these happen during a crisis, as a result of a hospitalization or an accident. Read more about Aging adult living changes

No one warned you: Week one breastfeeding

Congratulations! You delivered your baby! You’re now holding that nearly 40-week surprise in your arms and the hospital is preparing to send you home, but your milk isn’t fully in yet, and you’re wondering what’s taking so long. You arrive home and the baby was latching fine in the hospital, but now each latch makes your eyes want to roll back in your head with a new kind of stinging pain you’ve never felt before. Your baby who was so calm and sleepy in the hospital is suddenly very loud and seems hungry. Read more about No one warned you: Week one breastfeeding

Coming into Grandparenthood

Dr. Paul
Photo of Paul Schoenfeld's newborn neice.

Lucky me! Both of my adult daughters were pregnant at the same time—now only one is! A week ago, Tuesday night, my oldest daughter called me to tell me that she was in labor, exactly on her due date. I caught the red eye to New York and arrived in Brooklyn at 8:30 a.m.  She was in labor, but still at home. I wanted to be there to help my daughter and her husband. My wife planned to come two weeks after the baby was born to provide assistance. Read more about Coming into Grandparenthood

When the going gets tough

Dr. Paul
Close up of middle aged man.

I will never complain or whine again. 

Recently, I heard Captain Charlie Plumb describe his six years as a prisoner of war (POW) during the Vietnam War at a meeting of health care providers. He was a fighter pilot, shot down in North Vietnam, captured, tortured and held in solitary confinement. Read more about When the going gets tough



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