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Anxiety and avoidance

Dr. Paul
Female worried and anxious.

Anxiety disorders, which include excessive worry, panic, and fear are more common that one might imagine—--they affect over 40 million Americans. Everyone has experienced periods of worry, tension, and stress which affects your mind and body. But when children and adults experience anxiety that is longstanding, it can be debilitating.  Read more about Anxiety and avoidance

In the news: Nasal spray not being used for flu vaccine this year

October 03, 2016

Everett Clinic physician, Dr. Yuan-Po Tu contributes to the Herald's, "Nasal spray not being used for flu vaccine this year."

EVERETT — Parents: Prepare for a big selling job, a pitch to make to your kids.

This year, there’s no FluMist , the flu vaccine administered through the nose.

So there’s only one option, getting a vaccine with the help of a sharp needle — the old fashioned flu shot. Read more about In the news: Nasal spray not being used for flu vaccine this year

Are you what you eat? Or, are you what you think?

Dr. Paul
Happy pancake.

We have all heard the saying— “You are what you eat”. It’s easy to visualize how our body absorbs the food we eat, assimilates it, and delivers its nutrients to all of our cells. This idea encourages us to eat healthy. It also helps us avoid spoiled, badly prepared, unappetizing, or super-refined foods.  But the saying isn’t totally accurate. Your body is what you eat, but not your mind. While the cells in our brain are nourished by our diet, our mind is much more sensitive and subtle. Read more about Are you what you eat? Or, are you what you think?

Well-Child Visits

"Do I have to get a shot, Mom?" This might be the first thing your 4-year-old asks when you tell them it's time to head to the doctor's office for a check-up. And while the answer to that particular question might be yes, depending on their age, immunizations are only one aspect of your child's check-up, physical or well-child visit. Read more about Well-Child Visits

Strength in the storm

Dr. Paul
Weathering the storm

It’s been a tough couple of months in my house. My wife developed a sudden hearing loss, dizziness or vertigo, and a loud continual sound in her ear (tinnitus, a topic for another day). It’s been a challenge for her, and as her primary support person, for me too. Read more about Strength in the storm


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