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Making me a priority

It’s been almost a year now that I’ve returned back to work after being a work-from-home mom for nearly eight years.  With that change, my family and I have had to make some big adjustments, especially by planning ahead and scheduling all the moving parts. Life is busy! Unfortunately, we often sacrifice our own personal health in order to get things done. Does this ring a bell? I think it is common amongst all of us. Read more about Making me a priority

Some 'please considers' for the school year

Dr. Paul
Family eating dinner together.

I love September. Yes, the days are getting shorter, but we still have some beautiful, warm sunny days before the rains return. The air is crisp in the morning, but warms up as the sun slides over to the Western sky. The school is in high gear---pencils are sharp, and backpacks are filling up with new books, homework, and permission slips to bring home. It’s a very busy time for families. But it’s also exciting too. Read more about Some 'please considers' for the school year

Being kind to yourself

Dr. Paul
Close up of adult male.

A friend of mine, Jill, struggles with shame and guilt over several bad choices she made in the last few years. They had major consequences for her career. She’s angry with herself— “How could I have messed things up so badly for myself and my family” she cries. She wakes up every morning feeling bad about herself and it propels her down a rabbit hole of deeper depression and self-reproach. Once she goes there, it’s hard to find her way out. Read more about Being kind to yourself

Unplugging from work

Dr. Paul
Smartphone being powered down.

Last month, I was at a work conference with several colleagues. Every 15 minutes they were checking their phones for work email messages and tapping out responses. They were at a compelling and engaging meeting, but a big piece of their mind was back at the office.

Is this the price of modern working life? Once our smartphones are configured to receive work email, we are notified when incoming messages arrive, and we are seduced into reading and responding to them. It’s hard to ignore that telltale tone. Read more about Unplugging from work

Back to School

Dr. Paul
School age children standing with backpacks and books.

The long, slow days of summer are winding down as September comes into view. Back to school clothing sales are in high gear as kids get ready to start a new school year. Children who are starting to get antsy with summer’s lack of structure start looking forward to the predictability and consistency that school provides.  It’s getting to be that time once again. Read more about Back to School



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