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Post-holiday weight loss club

Dr. Paul
Female weighing herself on scale.

During the post-holiday season, lots of folks try to lose the weight they gained or didn’t lose, this last year.  I’m member of this club too. It’s especially challenging with all of those Seahawks game-day gatherings. Those spicy chicken wings are divine!

Despite all of my many efforts, over my adult life, I’m still overweight. Sigh. The comforting news—I’m not alone. Read more about Post-holiday weight loss club

Do you feel like an imposter?

Dr. Paul
Man looking at reflection.

When I was a newly minted psychologist, Ph.D. and license in hand after so many years of training, I felt pretty insecure. For the first five years, I would sit across from my patients, and at various moments think to myself— “I wonder what a real psychologist would say right now?”. I imagined one of my teachers, who always seemed to know what to say or do. Now, he was a real psychologist! --not me, despite my doctorate. Read more about Do you feel like an imposter?


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