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Dr. Paul
Photo of a happy family and grandparents.

I am fortunate. I am basically a happy person. Ask my mother and she will tell you…I was also a happy baby. Read more about Happiness


The holidays: Sweet & Salty

Dr. Paul
Photo of woman contemplating holiday season.

The other day I was walking in the early morning, watching the Eastern sky grow luminescent. The rising sun is the harbinger of something fresh and new.  For me, the perfect day is watching the sunrise and the sunset. It brings me closer to nature, the world around me, and reminds me to be in the here and now. Read more about The holidays: Sweet & Salty


Is it okay to love yourself?

Dr. Paul
Photo of woman having alone time.

I sat with a group of adults the other night discussing the concept of self-love. “What does it mean to love yourself?” I asked. Most of the individuals were uncomfortable with the idea. “Isn’t it selfish to love yourself?” Josie wondered. Bill recalled this his mother was self-centered and self-absorbed. She demanded a great deal from others. “I don’t want to be like her!” he remarked. Read more about Is it okay to love yourself?


Dr. Paul
Photo of family dinner.

Today many of us will sit down with family and friends and enjoy a feast. Thanksgiving is the most celebrated American holiday. It is one of my favorites too!

I feel very fortunate this holiday because our two daughters, who live in Brooklyn, will be joining us. It has been a long time since they have been able to come home for Thanksgiving. Yearly, we invite a family over who have younger children. Their relatives live in Germany and Israel, so we have become their American family. This year we will all be together. That is my thanksgiving this holiday. Read more about Thanksgiving


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