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We grow up with our kids

Dr. Paul
Adult father playing on the floor with child.

The other day I listened to Sarah give herself a hard time for being inpatient with her 8-year-old daughter. “We were picking up her toys and she just wouldn’t finish the job”, the mom complained. “I just got more and more annoyed. Later in the day, I was still thinking about it. It ruined my entire afternoon!”

Sarah found herself ruminating about the incident, but what was it that really bothered her? Why was she thinking about it hours later? After all, the whole business was pretty minor. Read more about We grow up with our kids

Clear, calm communication

Dr. Paul
Couple working together to discuss at the kitchen table.

While I’m no Scrooge, during the hubbub of December, I do look forward to January. For one, the lengthening days become particularly noticeable towards the end of month. The longer days herald spring, which comes early to the Northwest. It’s a season I happily greet. Read more about Clear, calm communication

The Force Awakens: The Missing Message

Dr. Paul
The force awakens, the missing message

This Christmas holiday, I joined a battalion of kids and adults at the movie theatres to see the latest version of “Star Wars”. In 1977, Diane and I stood on a long line in San Francisco to watch the original. At the time, its special effects were stunning. Harrison Ford, a new actor, was brilliant as the swash buckling Hans Solo. We were all captivated by the “force”, which channeled the power behind mind, body and spirit. It had elements of Eastern spiritual traditions, like meditation and yoga, which were newly introduced in the West, popularized by none other than the Beatles. Read more about The Force Awakens: The Missing Message



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