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Are you an overachiever?

Dr. Paul
Photo of woman pushing back.

Mary is a high functioning, highly competent school principal who is always running at 500 miles per hour. She has three young children of her own too! Balancing the demands of running a school, getting her kids to their after school activities, and trying to get a healthy meal on the table is a constant juggling act. Lately, though, it seems like she is feeling more tired, emotional, and ragged by the end of each day. Read more about Are you an overachiever?


Taking stress out of the holidays

Dr. Paul
Family gathered around festive holiday table.

The holidays—with all its joys, excitement, and let’s face it, stress.

Added stress is a normal part of the holiday season. In a well known life events stress test, 12 points are added to your score if it’s the holidays!

Television commercials show happy families sitting around a roaring fire, encircled by affluence. Cheerful music plays in all the stores. Christmas lights brighten the streets (a nice thing in the dark Northwest!). Yet the holidays are not all cheer and tinsel. Read more about Taking stress out of the holidays

Social Media: The Blessing and the Curse

Dr. Paul
Woman using mobile device.

Facebook, in addition to other social media sites, has become the meeting ground for friends, acquaintances, and co-workers to gather. Worldwide, 1.5 billion kids and adults, hang out on Facebook’s corner.  It’s mindboggling! Read more about Social Media: The Blessing and the Curse


In the news: Everett Clinic plans expansion in Shoreline, Lynnwood, south Everett

December 10, 2015

Everett Clinic chief operating officer, Dr. Jeff Bissey contributed to the Herald's feature on the Clinic's South County growth. 

“We felt we needed over the next five years to at least double in size and at least have a market presence in north King County on both sides of the north end of Lake Washington,” said Jeff Bissey, The Everett Clinic's chief operating officer." Read more about In the news: Everett Clinic plans expansion in Shoreline, Lynnwood, south Everett


Dr. Paul
Photo of a happy family and grandparents.

I am fortunate. I am basically a happy person. Ask my mother and she will tell you…I was also a happy baby. Read more about Happiness


The holidays: Sweet & Salty

Dr. Paul
Photo of woman contemplating holiday season.

The other day I was walking in the early morning, watching the Eastern sky grow luminescent. The rising sun is the harbinger of something fresh and new.  For me, the perfect day is watching the sunrise and the sunset. It brings me closer to nature, the world around me, and reminds me to be in the here and now. Read more about The holidays: Sweet & Salty



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