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The secret sauce of survival: Resilience

Dr. Paul
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The number of Adverse or Traumatic Childhood Events (ACE’s) can be predictive of the future health status of adults. It’s not terribly surprising. The more unfavorable the events a child experiences, the more likely they'll struggle with physical and mental illnesses throughout life. These events include emotional, physical or sexual abuse, feeling unloved, substance abuse in the family, poverty, or abandonment. Read more about The secret sauce of survival: Resilience

Teenage sexuality: The challenges for parents

Dr. Paul
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For many years, my brother and I went on a spring backpacking trip in the North Cascades. It’s a beautiful landscape, with jagged peaks and rushing rivers. When my daughter was 17, we took her and her boyfriend on a four-day trip. My daughter and I slept in one tent and my brother and Gabe slept in the other one. It was a great trip. On the trail back, my brother, who had older kids, kidded me—“Don’t be surprised when Maya wants to go backpacking with her boyfriend next weekend”. I was shocked. The thought never occurred to me. Read more about Teenage sexuality: The challenges for parents


Stand up for health!

Dr. Paul
Spring walk in the outdoors.

A few months ago, I went to the Seattle Opera to see Mozart’s “The Marriage of Figaro”. I love the opera—the music, the costumes, the voices, and the spectacle. Not surprisingly, I noticed that the overwhelming majority of the audience was in my age group and beyond—graying adults. But I also observed that many of these opera-loving folks had trouble getting up those two flights of stairs at McCaw Hall! Many needed canes and walkers to get around. Read more about Stand up for health!

Are middle-aged men an endangered species?

Dr. Paul
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Two years ago, my good friend Joe, 62, went to his regularly scheduled meeting with the accounting officer in his firm. Joe was shocked when he saw his boss sitting with the financial guy. He was thanked for his years of service as Vice-President of Sales, given a severance package, a box to pack up his things, and was sent on his way. Joe was in shock for weeks. He had been a stellar producer for years. In these last two years, Joe has been unable to find a job at the same level. Who wants to hire a 64-year-old mid-level manager? Read more about Are middle-aged men an endangered species?


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