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Is it okay to love yourself?

Dr. Paul
Photo of woman having alone time.

I sat with a group of adults the other night discussing the concept of self-love. “What does it mean to love yourself?” I asked. Most of the individuals were uncomfortable with the idea. “Isn’t it selfish to love yourself?” Josie wondered. Bill recalled this his mother was self-centered and self-absorbed. She demanded a great deal from others. “I don’t want to be like her!” he remarked. Read more about Is it okay to love yourself?


Dr. Paul
Photo of family dinner.

Today many of us will sit down with family and friends and enjoy a feast. Thanksgiving is the most celebrated American holiday. It is one of my favorites too!

I feel very fortunate this holiday because our two daughters, who live in Brooklyn, will be joining us. It has been a long time since they have been able to come home for Thanksgiving. Yearly, we invite a family over who have younger children. Their relatives live in Germany and Israel, so we have become their American family. This year we will all be together. That is my thanksgiving this holiday. Read more about Thanksgiving

Working Parents

Dr. Paul
Photo of father and child.

In the 21st century, parents are more committed to sharing housework and childcare than ever before. It’s a positive trend for many good reasons. According to the U.S. labor department, in 2014, over 60% of married men and women with children had both parents in the work force. Two working parents don’t have much time left over to do all the things that have to be done everyday. Read more about Working Parents


Defeating Self-Defeating Behavior: Coping with Distress

Dr. Paul
Photo of child dealing with emotions.

Have you ever wondered why you did something that seemed to be at cross purposes with your goals? You want to be fit, but you can’t seem to get to the gym. You want to lose weight, but sometimes you seem to eat everything in sight. You want to cut back on your drinking, but you find yourself drinking more. You vow not to lose your temper, but despite your oath, you pop your cork at your youngster? You pledge to do things right away, but you find yourself procrastinating.  You promise yourself to do something new, but you are stuck in a rut. Read more about Defeating Self-Defeating Behavior: Coping with Distress


Talking to your children about terrorism

Dr. Paul
Photo of France flag at half mast.

Recent events in Paris, Beirut, and Egypt disturb our sense of security and safety. It’s impossible not to experience the impact of these terrible and senseless acts of violence. Adults are glued to news stations, the Internet, and radio, reading and hearing about the events as they unfold. The world is connected by the speed of light. Diners, huddled under restaurant tables, while gunmen shoot innocent bystanders, videotape the mayhem by cellphone, post the media on YouTube, and it’s sent around the world in nanoseconds. This is the world we live in. Read more about Talking to your children about terrorism


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