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Dealing With Difficult People

Dr. Paul

Staring at me with a look that could kill, Jenny argued every point. I didn’t even have a chance to finish my sentence before she started her tirade. As our conversation wore on, my blood boiled. I was her supervisor---but she treated me like I was a maid that couldn’t do anything right!

We all have had friends, co-workers, supervisors, neighbors, and relatives that we would label as “difficult people”. What do they have in common? They trigger a powerful, negative response in us! Mostly we want to avoid these individuals when we can. But mostly, we can’t. Read more about Dealing With Difficult People

Promoting healthy competition for kids

Dr. Paul
photo of soccer kids with coach

Vickie’s parents were jumping up and down while they watched their powerful 10-year-old daughter slam the softball into left field. “Go for it Vickie!” they shrieked. Vickie was flying towards third when the left fielder made a great throw to the third baseman. Vickie went down for the long slide, but she was too late. The umpire called her out. Read more about Promoting healthy competition for kids


Teens: Weight and shape concerns

Dr. Paul
photo of sad teen girl

“Dad, am I fat?” asks my daughter when she was 13 years old, as she stared at her middle in the mirror. I would sigh to myself, when I heard that often-repeated question. If I said no, she would tell me that I was lying because I’m her father. If I said yes, then I have sentenced her to the worst fate of adolescence---“fathood.” Read more about Teens: Weight and shape concerns


On the radio July 27: Dr. Worden on colorectal surgery

July 21, 2015

Listen for Everett Clinic colorectal surgeon Dr. Sara Worden on Health Matters radio, KRKO 1380am, 6 pm, Mon., July 27 talking about basic digestive system and colon health with hosts Shannon O’Kelley, Physical Therapist and President of Integrated Rehabilitation Group, and Maury Eskenazi, radio personality from Fox Sports radio. With thanks to Integrated Rehabilitation Group physical and hand therapyRead more about On the radio July 27: Dr. Worden on colorectal surgery

How best to assess risk in our everyday life

Dr. Paul
photo of sign

The catastrophic ice cave accident in early July makes us all wonder—Why would an intelligent person venture into the cave? The scary signs that surround the cave are designed to remind visitors that there is serious danger inside. In this most recent fatality, there had been icefalls the day before the tragic accident. It makes us wonder---why do adults take potentially fatal risks? Read more about How best to assess risk in our everyday life

The milestone ages of midlife - trials and tribulations

Dr. Paul
photo of older man at pool

Turning 40 was a great moment for me. I felt good about my life, my work and myself. My family and I were heading off for a new life adventure in a different part of the country (the Northwest!). I felt like a pioneer on the Oregon Trail.  I was very fortunate in many other ways too. I had good health, a great marriage and two healthy daughters. Read more about The milestone ages of midlife - trials and tribulations



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