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New research on psychedelic drugs

Dr. Paul
Pill, capsules and packaged medication.

What does new research on psychedelic drugs tell us about the treatment of depression, anxiety, and addiction? How do these efforts differ from the 1960s? Read more about New research on psychedelic drugs

Coming of age

Dr. Paul
Young adult female.

Recently, I came across a collection of stories about a friend of mine, who passed away in his early adulthood, including one that I wrote about our teenage years. It made me sad to think about his untimely death. He had an alcohol problem and died while drunk behind the wheel of a car. It made me reflect on my coming of age in the late 1960’s. And it made me think about young people who are coming of age today. Read more about Coming of age

Put your best foot forward

Dr. Paul
Deciding what direction to go.

According to Sigmund Freud, may he rest in peace, the two most important elements in life are love and work. That covers a lot of territory!

Full-time work comprises 40 hours (or more) of our waking weekly hours. Indeed, a Gallup poll noted that full-time employees are working closer to 47 hours per week.  In addition, many of us spend years in school preparing for our chosen vocation. We work for most of our adult lives, forty years or more. It’s an integral part of the adult landscape. Read more about Put your best foot forward


The new American family

Dr. Paul
Happy family with children.

Meet the Smiths, a typical American family. Just married, John and Mary have four children! Sally 14, and Joe, 12, are John’s. David, 10, and Bill, 4, are Mary’s.

Sound familiar?

The new American family is a blend of mine, yours, and ours—brought to you by a divorce rate of about 41% of first marriages and a remarriage rate of 52-64% of divorced couples. Read more about The new American family


Earwax is your friend

Jenny Linsday, AuD, with The Everett Clinic says stop cleaning your ears with cotton swabs. Earwax is your friend. Find out how the sticky substance from your ears is actually healthy and protects you from illness. Read more about Earwax is your friend

When is praise positive or negative?

Dr. Paul
Dad talking with son.

Spring sports are in high gear. Parents are lining soccer and baseball fields watching their kids practice and play competitive sports. It’s fun for everyone, except when you’re watching your kids play soccer in the pouring rain!  It’s great to see kids running up and down the field, instead of sitting in front of an electronic screen playing video games. Team sports can teach children a wide range of skills and abilities that are very useful in adult life. Read more about When is praise positive or negative?


Everyday courage

Dr. Paul
Female hiker with arms raised.

I’ve never thought of myself as a particularly courageous person. And, fortunately my bravery has never been tested under any extreme circumstances—war, fire, or in some situation that required heroism.  And for that, I’m grateful. I’m fundamentally a cautious person. Of course, like most adolescents, I did some risky things—but they didn’t involve courage, just an undeveloped teenage brain! Read more about Everyday courage


A tsunami of depression and anxiety

Dr. Paul
Powerful ocean swell.

In the last year, many of my medical colleagues have asked me— “Do you think that there is an increase in depression and anxiety”? I hadn’t thought much about it, but in the first three months of this year, our Behavioral Health department at The Everett Clinic was hit by a tsunami wave of adults and children coming in with these conditions. In January through March alone, we saw over 1500 new patients asking for help. This is unprecedented in the 25 years I have run our department. What’s going on? Read more about A tsunami of depression and anxiety


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