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Bullying: What to do?

Dr. Paul
Photo of adolescent being bullied.

When I was young, walking home from school, two larger boys, with several girls looking on, started pushing me backwards. I didn’t see the low wooden fence behind me. I fell on my rear onto the grass. Everyone laughed at me. Humiliated and furious I ran home.

I plotted revenge, which I hoped to exact over the next few days. Fortunately, I never had the opportunity. That afternoon is etched in my memory, even though it happened over four decades ago! Read more about Bullying: What to do?


The Pain of Miscarriage

Dr. Paul
Woman at end of dock.
A month ago, my daughter let us know that she was pregnant. We were overjoyed at the prospect of having our first grandchild! We were on the phone with her regularly tracking her progress and sharing in her excitement. Several days ago, she called in tears to tell us that the fetus had no heartbeat and that she would have a miscarriage. With our new technology, a developing embryo can be visualized very early in pregnancy. We were all crestfallen, saddened by our collective loss, and deeply disappointed. It was especially hard for my wife and I since our daughter lives so far away.

Helping your children find mentors

Dr. Paul
Photo of a child and role model.

As a child growing up, I felt that few adults really understood me. It wasn’t that I didn’t feel loved—I did. But everyone was so busy. I didn’t think that they really “saw” me. I remember my youngest daughter expressing the same thought when she was a child. And, I have to admit that there were many things about her I didn’t really get. She was right.

Our role as parents obscures our vision. Parenthood is filled with responsibilities, demands, and challenges. These pressures and our inherent lack of objectivity blocks our deeper understanding of our children. Read more about Helping your children find mentors


Who Needs More Sleep?

Dr. Paul
Photo of man needing more sleep.

A recent survey of the National Sleep Foundation ( found that, on average, Americans sleep 6.9 hours per night—6.8 hours during the week and 7.4 hours on the weekends. With 8 hours as the recommended average, we are losing one hour a night! Read more about Who Needs More Sleep?



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