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When to get help for your child

Dr. Paul
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It is completely normal for youngsters to have emotional and behavioral ups and downs over the course of their childhood. Pediatricians like to remind parents that most problems disappear if you don’t over react to them. Just take a deep breath in and deep breath out and they will be gone! Sleep problems tend to come and go, eating issues can arise and then disappear, and friend concerns are like the weather in Washington--always changing. Read more about When to get help for your child


Helping our elderly family members with life transitions

Dr. Paul
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Dixie, 92 years old, was living in Florida, with her two adult children residing in the Pacific Northwest. Increasingly, she was becoming housebound. She started telling her daughter-in-law how she was ready to “go home to the Lord”. Her son became increasingly concerned. He wasn’t sure what to do to help his very independent, strong-willed Mom who was developing age-related memory problems. He felt strongly that it was impractical and dangerous for her to live on her own. And, her quality of life was rapidly declining. Read more about Helping our elderly family members with life transitions


Perfectionism: a blessing or a curse?

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I consider myself fortunate. I don’t need to be perfect! (That is a really good thing, because I am so far from it!). But some adults and children suffer from the need to be flawless. In theory, we all know that it is impossible to be faultless. But that doesn’t stop some people from trying! Read more about Perfectionism: a blessing or a curse?

Finding common ground on housework

Dr. Paul
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Last week in The Everett Herald (May 11, 2015) there was a sad story about a woman who allegedly fired a gun at her husband over housework! I am sure there was more to her tale. But I bet that there are more than a few women who have felt fed up over their husband’s lack of household help. Read more about Finding common ground on housework

Coming home to your self

Dr. Paul
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I love coming home at the end of the day.

As I drive up to our brightly colored house, I enjoy our spring garden, with its wild apple tree in the middle, branches standing on end, going in all directions.  Our red door welcomes me home. Everything is so familiar and comfortable. I always like to take off my work clothes first—packing away my responsibilities as therapist, supervisor and colleague.  When I come downstairs, I have finally arrived. Read more about Coming home to your self


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