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How to handle errors in judgment

Dr. Paul
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Over the Presidents Day weekend, a close friend of mine, Jim, was skiing with his family in Colorado. On the trip, his 5-year-old granddaughter skied into a tree and broke both of her legs. Read more about How to handle errors in judgment

Marriage basics 101: Money

Dr. Paul
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Remember the big four sources of marital strife?---Sex, money, children, and in-laws. Today’s blog is all about money.

This was not a big problem in my marriage. My wife and I had similar values about money. We both discussed big purchases, and we both didn’t sweat the small ones. Whatever differences we had were pretty minor. And we definitely did not save enough money for our kid’s college! We were both shortsighted. Read more about Marriage basics 101: Money


Five benefits of becoming an older adult

Dr. Paul
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I recently learned that I am about to belong to a club I don’t want to join. Read more about Five benefits of becoming an older adult


How to speak up to your shyness

Dr. Paul
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I am a recovering shy person. Starting in childhood, persisting through adolescence, and sweeping into young adulthood, I struggled to overcome my shy disposition.

When I was 8, my family moved to a new town. Feeling afraid to introduce myself to the neighborhood kids, my mother brought me around to meet the local children. I felt ashamed of my shyness. Read more about How to speak up to your shyness

Parenting teens 101: Stand your ground!

Dr. Paul
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Recently, Bill talked to me about his struggles with his daughter’s marijuana use. “She doesn’t think she has a problem, but she does. It started out as occasional use, but now she’s smoking every day,” he said. He was at his wit’s end to figure out what to do.

Sally wasn’t sure how to handle her son’s pushing curfew every weekend. At first, it was just five minutes after 11 p.m. on weekends. But now he’s 20-30 minutes past curfew every Friday and Saturday night. Read more about Parenting teens 101: Stand your ground!



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