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Making changes in life: Why is it so hard?

Dr. Paul
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How many times have you considered making a change in your life?

Joe doesn’t really like his job much anymore, but it’s secure, pays well and has good benefits. He wants to do something different, but can’t seem to get started.

Sarah wants to start an exercise program. She knows that being so sedentary is bad for her health, and her doctor has encouraged her to go the gym, but she never seems to get there.

Harold wants to take a yoga class, but he feels stuck in the same old daily rut and hasn’t even taken the first step to find out where he can take a class. Read more about Making changes in life: Why is it so hard?


Dr. Paul
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Every day in the United States, thousands of baby boomers are turning 65. No wonder many of us hear about friends and family that are retiring or at least talking about it. I have several friends that took the big step. Read more about Retirement

Marriage basics 101: Housework

Dr. Paul
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Remember the big four areas of conflict in marriage? My wife reminds me about the fifth one--the division of household labor, aka housework! Read more about Marriage basics 101: Housework


Adolescent suicide

Dr. Paul
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In the last year, it seems like our community has experienced more than its share of adolescent suicide. Each death tears at us, and brings fear to our hearts. We worry about each and every one of our children. Read more about Adolescent suicide


Marriage basics 101: In-laws

Dr. Paul
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Recall the big four sources of conflict in marriage: Children, sex, money, and in-laws. Today’s blog is on resolving issues related to your relations.

I was very fortunate. I had great in-laws. They liked me immediately, respected me and felt that their daughter was fortunate to find me. I liked them too. They were generous, kind and easy to get along with. Over 30 years, our relationship grew close. Read more about Marriage basics 101: In-laws


Do kids have too much to say?

Dr. Paul
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Frequently I hear parents complain—“My kids are always arguing with me about something!” “I don’t want chicken for dinner!” “I don’t want to go shopping!”, “I don’t want to go to bed!”, “PLEASE—five more minutes on my X-box!”-- The list is endless. Adults reflect back on their own childhood and can’t remember expressing their own opinions so strongly. Their chorus—“We did what our parents told us to do without any backtalk!” Why are our youngsters so argumentative? Read more about Do kids have too much to say?


Marriage basics 101: Children

Dr. Paul
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By now you remember the big four sources of marital conflict--sex, money, in-laws, and children. Today’s blog is about kids.

My wife and I got along very well about almost everything. Everything except child rearing--not a small topic area in family life! What we agreed on: We both wanted children. We both wanted them to become honest, hard working, caring adults. We both wanted them to have many different experiences; and most importantly, we both loved kids! Read more about Marriage basics 101: Children


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