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Do kids have too much to say?

Dr. Paul
photo of mom reading to kids

Frequently I hear parents complain—“My kids are always arguing with me about something!” “I don’t want chicken for dinner!” “I don’t want to go shopping!”, “I don’t want to go to bed!”, “PLEASE—five more minutes on my X-box!”-- The list is endless. Adults reflect back on their own childhood and can’t remember expressing their own opinions so strongly. Their chorus—“We did what our parents told us to do without any backtalk!” Why are our youngsters so argumentative? Read more about Do kids have too much to say?


Marriage basics 101: Children

Dr. Paul
parents kissing baby

By now you remember the big four sources of marital conflict--sex, money, in-laws, and children. Today’s blog is about kids.

My wife and I got along very well about almost everything. Everything except child rearing--not a small topic area in family life! What we agreed on: We both wanted children. We both wanted them to become honest, hard working, caring adults. We both wanted them to have many different experiences; and most importantly, we both loved kids! Read more about Marriage basics 101: Children

Conflicts with adult children

Dr. Paul
photo of mother and daughter

Mary was in tears--“My 30-year-old daughter, Jane, is so angry with me. She won’t even return my phone calls”.  Jane wrote her mother an angry email. In it, she detailed a wide range of offenses her mother committed over many years. I read the email and could see that Jane was deeply angry and disappointed with her mom. Read more about Conflicts with adult children


Marriage basics 101: Sex

Dr. Paul

Remember the four big sources of marital discord? ---kids, money, in-laws, and sex. Today’s blog is all about sex!

When couples first connect, sexual energy runs high. Perhaps this is the “chemistry” part of love. Most couples enjoy their attraction and contact. If they are young, (e.g. first marriage), they have plenty of energy, few distractions (no kids yet), and lots of libido. There is plenty of wood on the fire. Read more about Marriage basics 101: Sex


How to handle errors in judgment

Dr. Paul
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Over the Presidents Day weekend, a close friend of mine, Jim, was skiing with his family in Colorado. On the trip, his 5-year-old granddaughter skied into a tree and broke both of her legs. Read more about How to handle errors in judgment


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