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Midlife crisis is a time for reflection

Dr. Paul
man looking in mirror

I have a confession. I am at the upper-end of middle age. This horrible secret is now public knowledge. Yes, my graying hair is rapidly thinning. While sometimes, I convince myself that I look “distinguished”, I know that I am growing older. Read more about Midlife crisis is a time for reflection


I am grieving

Dr. Paul
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This is a tough month for me.

On February 3rd, thirty-five years ago, my brother, 31, was killed by a hit and run drunk driver. And last year, during the first three months of the year, my mother came to the end of her life.

I find myself thinking about my brother, wondering how so many years flew by since his death—a lifetime of missed moments. And this year, as I come closer to the first anniversary of my mother’s passing, I realize how much I miss her. Her birthday is just around the corner. Read more about I am grieving


Marriage Basics: Coping with Conflict

Dr. Paul
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Love is easy. Resolving conflict is not.

Look around you. Our political parties are incapable of resolving their differences. Neighboring countries in the mid-east can’t even sit down together and discuss their troubles. Our relationships are no exception. Like being stuck in a gridlock traffic jam on I-5, our marital engine comes to a grinding halt when we disagree.

What are the common sources of conflict in relationships? The big five are Sex, Money, Children, In-laws, and Household chores---not in any particular order.

Love is simple. Living together is not. Read more about Marriage Basics: Coping with Conflict


Seahawk Fever

Dr. Paul
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I have to come clean.  I’m not a football fan. Okay, now the truth is out and I feel much better!

But I do have to admit that I have enjoyed our recent Seahawks fever. It’s been wonderful to see so many Washingtonians filled with enthusiasm, excitement, and sheer joy during our gray winter months. But like the other three non-football fans in our fair state, I do wonder-- why is there so much football fever? Why is the average Joe and Jane filled with so much energy over, well…just a game? Read more about Seahawk Fever


Coping with the unexpected death of a loved one

Dr. Paul
man with head in hand

It was over 30 years ago when the telephone rang. My stepfather’s voice was flat and hollow. “Your brother is dead. He was jogging. A car hit him. The driver was drunk.”

I heard his words, but I felt numb. Driving that night to my parents’ house, I kept repeating to my wife, “I can’t believe it…It can’t be true”. But it was, and will always be so. He was 32 years old. I was 28. Read more about Coping with the unexpected death of a loved one


Approaching a young family member you suspect of abusing drugs or alcohol

Dr. Paul
man standing with beer

The other day a good friend wanted to know how to talk to her 25-year-old daughter, Sarah, about her drinking. During the big playoff game between the Seahawks and the Packers (now that was a miracle!), Sarah drank almost two six-packs of beer! Sarah’s parents were concerned and wondered if Sarah had a problem. They weren’t sure what to say to her.

A few days later, a parent asked me—“How do I talk to my 22 year old son, Bill, about his daily marijuana use?” Read more about Approaching a young family member you suspect of abusing drugs or alcohol


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