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Teaching kids the value of money

Dr. Paul
photo of money tree

“Mom, can I have a new video game? Can I have a new jacket? Can I have an Ipad?” The list of “can I’s” seem to go on forever! Parents often wonder if their kids have any idea about the “value” of money. Guess what? They don’t! Read more about Teaching kids the value of money


Planning for outings with children

Dr. Paul
photo of child at table

Several weeks ago I was watching a riveting Flamenco performance in Seville, Spain. Ooo la la! It was magnificent. Two rows behind me, a 6 year old, sitting on his Dad’s lap, started to have a loud, spirited conversation with his father! I turned around and gave his Dad a pointed look. His father didn’t even ask the child to stop talking. A few minutes later, his volume increasing, my wife turned and asked him to be quiet with a sharp tone. She was getting annoyed.  A woman nearby hissed—“He’s just a kid!” But what about all of the adults who were trying to enjoy the show? Read more about Planning for outings with children


Helping children cope when a parent is sick

Dr. Paul
photo of boy on swing

When my children were young teens, my wife had surgery. Between the hospital stay and her recovery, she was out of commission for a month. Read more about Helping children cope when a parent is sick

Summer health and safety tips for parents

June 10, 2015

Everett Clinic pediatrician Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson shares insight and interprets the latest findings and recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics on KING5 Evening News Mondays in a segment called Ask Dr. Swanson.

Recently, she answered parents' questions about summer safety and how to help kids transition from school to summer and back. She talked about suncreen use and preventing drowning as well as ways to keep kids active and eating healthy this summer. Read more about Summer health and safety tips for parents

United they stand

Dr. Paul
photo of human pyramid

Our society emphasizes the superstar over the coordinated efforts of the group. We naturally focus on the Messis of soccer, the Michael Jordans of basketball, or the Russell Wilsons of football (of course, he is pretty amazing!). But the Castellers show us that it is the combined efforts of ordinary, but dedicated individuals that can reach new heights. Read more about United they stand


When to get help for your child

Dr. Paul
photo of boy

It is completely normal for youngsters to have emotional and behavioral ups and downs over the course of their childhood. Pediatricians like to remind parents that most problems disappear if you don’t over react to them. Just take a deep breath in and deep breath out and they will be gone! Sleep problems tend to come and go, eating issues can arise and then disappear, and friend concerns are like the weather in Washington--always changing. Read more about When to get help for your child



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