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Listen May 11: Dr. Green on pulmonary embolism

April 30, 2015

Listen for Everett Clinic pulmonologist Dr. Ron Green on Health Matters radio, KRKO 1380am, 6 pm, Mon., May 11 with hosts Shannon O’Kelley, Physical Therapist and President of Integrated Rehabilitation Group, and Maury Eskenazi, radio personality from Fox Sports radio.

Dr. Green will talk about pulmonary embolism, a sudden bloackage in a lung artery: what it is, who's at risk, what the symptoms are and how it's diagnosed. He'll also discuss treatment options and prevention. Read more about Listen May 11: Dr. Green on pulmonary embolism

Do I express my feelings, or keep them to myself?

Dr. Paul
photo of men talking

Recently, my oldest daughter shared a challenging experience. She is attending a program to learn a particular form of body therapy—called structural integration. During the classes, a couple of the students were rude. At times, their behavior was distracting and even disruptive. During the two month seminar, she debated within herself whether to confront these students. On the one hand, she didn’t want to have an argument with them. But on the other hand, she was annoyed and irritated by their behavior. On the last day of the workshop, she finally did convey her feelings. Read more about Do I express my feelings, or keep them to myself?

Smartphones and kids: Dos and Don'ts

Dr. Paul
photo of teen on computer and phone

Look around you. Everyone is hunched over, walking down the street, texting on his or her smart phone. Families sit at restaurant tables, with every family member’s cell phone at the ready. It’s no wonder that kids want these devices as soon as their parents are willing to fork them over. Read more about Smartphones and kids: Dos and Don'ts


Why do some marriages flounder?

Dr. Paul
photo of husband and wife fighting

It’s easy to get into a relationship. Boy meets girl and the rest is history. But keeping the home fires burning is the challenge.

As a result, 40% of all marriages end in divorce. Why is the divorce rate so high? Why is it so hard to keep marriages strong over the long haul?

Let’s take a look at the some of the reasons why marriages struggle… Read more about Why do some marriages flounder?


Alcohol dependence

Dr. Paul
photo of pouring drink

Joe has been increasing his alcohol use for several years, and now he’s drinking an entire bottle of wine or more, four to five nights a week. He doesn’t think he’s impaired; after all he’s built up a high tolerance. But his family is angry and embarrassed. Joe doesn’t drink at work, so he doesn’t think he has a problem. “So what if I like to have a couple of glasses of wine at the end of the week or on Saturday night”. He’s not like his uncle and his mother who drank heavily during the day and died from liver failure.  But his family has an entirely different story about his alcohol use. Read more about Alcohol dependence

Losing your cool and how to get it back

Dr. Paul
photo of man yelling

The other night I was tired, hungry, and feeling overwhelmed when I got home from work. It was a long day.  My wife, who had a cold for several days, asked me to do something. I barked back at her.

I felt terrible.

How often do we lose our temper at our children or our spouse? It frequently happens at the end of the day when we are exhausted. The kids ask us to do “one more thing” and we crack. We find ourselves yelling at a little kid, who looks back at us with an innocent, hurt look in his eyes.

We feel like ogres. Read more about Losing your cool and how to get it back

Surviving the myth of the perfect parent

Dr. Paul
photo of mother and daughter reading

When my oldest daughter was 3 years old, I had my first (pre)school conference. The teacher kindly explained to me that my daughter was “shy”, but otherwise was “no problem”. I was stunned.  My entire parental life flashed in front of my eyes. She must be shy because we moved when she was 6 months old. Perhaps I was too strict, or maybe not strict enough? What had I done to make my daughter shy? I must have done something wrong. I was wracked with self-doubt. Read more about Surviving the myth of the perfect parent


Learning from life's pain

Dr. Paul
photo of sad woman

Why me? It’s a natural question when a family member dies before their time, when a relationship ends, or when we lose a job.

At first, we feel stunned. Deep inside, we expect that our lives should unfold uneventfully. We believe that we should be the master of our fate. Tragedy happens to others, but not us.

At the same time, our culture is filled with pictures of happy, satisfied men and women pursuing their dreams. When we are the victims of misfortune, we can feel let down by life. We may feel that something is wrong with us. We may feel that we did something wrong. Read more about Learning from life's pain

Making changes in life: Why is it so hard?

Dr. Paul
photo of woman at computer thinking

How many times have you considered making a change in your life?

Joe doesn’t really like his job much anymore, but it’s secure, pays well and has good benefits. He wants to do something different, but can’t seem to get started.

Sarah wants to start an exercise program. She knows that being so sedentary is bad for her health, and her doctor has encouraged her to go the gym, but she never seems to get there.

Harold wants to take a yoga class, but he feels stuck in the same old daily rut and hasn’t even taken the first step to find out where he can take a class. Read more about Making changes in life: Why is it so hard?


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