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How our expectations shape our experience

Dr. Paul
photo of woman looking out at beach

Eight years ago, I had major foot surgery. It was a very interesting experience — 3 hours in the OR, 3 days in the hospital, 10 weeks 100% non-weight bearing, and the surgeon told me, one year of recovery. I had never had any kind of surgery before, so needless to say, I was pretty anxious about the whole thing. Read more about How our expectations shape our experience

Seeing more in 3D

May 05, 2015

Early detection is the key to breast cancer survivorship. A screening mammogram is a low-dose X-ray used to evaluate a woman’s breast health. It helps doctors see whether there are any abnormalities or changes in the breast tissue that may need treatment. With this in mind, we are offering 3D mammography screenings in addition to 2D screenings.

What is a 3D mammography screening?
It’s an X-ray that takes multiple images of your breast tissue. The images are then converted to a 3D image that allows the radiologist to see the tissue in greater detail. Read more about Seeing more in 3D

Are you crazy busy?

Dr. Paul
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It seems like all of the successful people in our society are, what I like to call, “crazy busy”! We value adults who seem to be in constant motion all of the time. If you call them, they can’t call you back right away because---they’re busy! If you want to get together with them, they’re not available—because they’re too busy! At work, if you stop them in the hall to chat for a few moments---they can’t, because you guessed it, they’re too darn busy! Let’s face it—we are all too busy for our own good! Read more about Are you crazy busy?

Listen May 11: Dr. Green on pulmonary embolism

April 30, 2015

Listen for Everett Clinic pulmonologist Dr. Ron Green on Health Matters radio, KRKO 1380am, 6 pm, Mon., May 11 with hosts Shannon O’Kelley, Physical Therapist and President of Integrated Rehabilitation Group, and Maury Eskenazi, radio personality from Fox Sports radio.

Dr. Green will talk about pulmonary embolism, a sudden bloackage in a lung artery: what it is, who's at risk, what the symptoms are and how it's diagnosed. He'll also discuss treatment options and prevention. Read more about Listen May 11: Dr. Green on pulmonary embolism

Do I express my feelings, or keep them to myself?

Dr. Paul
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Recently, my oldest daughter shared a challenging experience. She is attending a program to learn a particular form of body therapy—called structural integration. During the classes, a couple of the students were rude. At times, their behavior was distracting and even disruptive. During the two month seminar, she debated within herself whether to confront these students. On the one hand, she didn’t want to have an argument with them. But on the other hand, she was annoyed and irritated by their behavior. On the last day of the workshop, she finally did convey her feelings. Read more about Do I express my feelings, or keep them to myself?

Smartphones and kids: Dos and Don'ts

Dr. Paul
photo of teen on computer and phone

Look around you. Everyone is hunched over, walking down the street, texting on his or her smart phone. Families sit at restaurant tables, with every family member’s cell phone at the ready. It’s no wonder that kids want these devices as soon as their parents are willing to fork them over. Read more about Smartphones and kids: Dos and Don'ts


Why do some marriages flounder?

Dr. Paul
photo of husband and wife fighting

It’s easy to get into a relationship. Boy meets girl and the rest is history. But keeping the home fires burning is the challenge.

As a result, 40% of all marriages end in divorce. Why is the divorce rate so high? Why is it so hard to keep marriages strong over the long haul?

Let’s take a look at the some of the reasons why marriages struggle… Read more about Why do some marriages flounder?



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