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How to speak up to your shyness

Dr. Paul
photo of little girl covering face

I am a recovering shy person. Starting in childhood, persisting through adolescence, and sweeping into young adulthood, I struggled to overcome my shy disposition.

When I was 8, my family moved to a new town. Feeling afraid to introduce myself to the neighborhood kids, my mother brought me around to meet the local children. I felt ashamed of my shyness. Read more about How to speak up to your shyness

Parenting teens 101: Stand your ground!

Dr. Paul
photo of mom and daughter sitting on couch

Recently, Bill talked to me about his struggles with his daughter’s marijuana use. “She doesn’t think she has a problem, but she does. It started out as occasional use, but now she’s smoking every day,” he said. He was at his wit’s end to figure out what to do.

Sally wasn’t sure how to handle her son’s pushing curfew every weekend. At first, it was just five minutes after 11 p.m. on weekends. But now he’s 20-30 minutes past curfew every Friday and Saturday night. Read more about Parenting teens 101: Stand your ground!


Midlife crisis is a time for reflection

Dr. Paul
man looking in mirror

I have a confession. I am at the upper-end of middle age. This horrible secret is now public knowledge. Yes, my graying hair is rapidly thinning. While sometimes, I convince myself that I look “distinguished”, I know that I am growing older. Read more about Midlife crisis is a time for reflection


I am grieving

Dr. Paul
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This is a tough month for me.

On February 3rd, thirty-five years ago, my brother, 31, was killed by a hit and run drunk driver. And last year, during the first three months of the year, my mother came to the end of her life.

I find myself thinking about my brother, wondering how so many years flew by since his death—a lifetime of missed moments. And this year, as I come closer to the first anniversary of my mother’s passing, I realize how much I miss her. Her birthday is just around the corner. Read more about I am grieving


Marriage Basics: Coping with Conflict

Dr. Paul
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Love is easy. Resolving conflict is not.

Look around you. Our political parties are incapable of resolving their differences. Neighboring countries in the mid-east can’t even sit down together and discuss their troubles. Our relationships are no exception. Like being stuck in a gridlock traffic jam on I-5, our marital engine comes to a grinding halt when we disagree.

What are the common sources of conflict in relationships? The big five are Sex, Money, Children, In-laws, and Household chores---not in any particular order.

Love is simple. Living together is not. Read more about Marriage Basics: Coping with Conflict



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