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Is there a reason for everything?

Dr. Paul
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As a psychologist, hearing about misfortune and tragedy is my daily fare. How do adults understand and make sense out of unexpected loss or life reversals?

An interesting article (“Does Everything Happen for a Reason?” New York Times, October 19,2014, by Konika Banerjee and Paul Bloom) describes a young man who was seriously injured at the Boston Marathon in 2013. After numerous surgeries and months of rehabilitation, he developed a relationship with one of his nurses. Announcing their engagement, he wrote—“I now realize why I was involved in this tragedy. It was to meet the love of my life.” Read more about Is there a reason for everything?


The frantic pace of modern life

Dr. Paul
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During those years, I yearned for a simpler, slower life. I imagined looking out the window, watching the scenery go by. I pictured walking by the park, smelling the flowers, and watching the fish swim in the local river. I dreamed of fewer hours at the office. Read more about The frantic pace of modern life


Coping with adversity

Dr. Paul
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Jack opens up the mail and finds a letter from the IRS. His heart races as he reads that they are planning to do a full audit on his taxes for the last five years! Mary picks up the phone and learns that her Mom just had a heart attack. Sarah has an unexpected bad review from her boss. Phil is playing a great tennis game and breaks his ankle going after a ball.

Spring can turn to winter in a heartbeat. Read more about Coping with adversity


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