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Start the New Year with a family meeting

Dr. Paul

In the New year, kids start a new term in school. It’s a great time to reflect on autumn’s activities.

How was family life? How did the kids do in school? What about homework and housework? Were there moments of pause and peace? What were the big and small wins for each family member? What do you wish had gone differently? Read more about Start the New Year with a family meeting


Focusing on wellbeing this holiday season

Dr. Paul

The winter holidays are upon us. By now, most people know where they will be spending the holidays. Many married couples split their holiday between families—holiday morning with one set of family members, dinner with another set. Between holiday parties, entertaining, buying gifts, and preparing for the holiday, life can be hectic. Read more about Focusing on wellbeing this holiday season

Overcoming frustration through patience

Dr. Paul

Several weeks ago, my wife and I were visiting our daughter and her family in Southern California. Wrestling with a latch on my 2-year-old granddaughter’s car seat, I couldn’t figure out how to open it. Our perky granddaughter, Layla, looked me in the eye, with her million-dollar smile and declared, “Don’t worry, grandpa, you can do it.” Read more about Overcoming frustration through patience

Living with addiction

Dr. Paul

I just finished Paula Becker’s powerful memoir— “A House on Stilts: Mothering in the age of opioid addiction.” It’s a gripping story of a mom living through her son’s drug addiction. She writes from her heart, with brutal honesty. It’s a beautifully written, but painful story of how hope and fear can turn our souls inside out. Paula is a local author and her husband, Barry Brown, MD, is one of our own, a long-time physician at The Everett Clinic. Chemical dependency is an equal opportunity condition—It doesn't care if your parents are shoemakers, mechanics, engineers, or doctors. Read more about Living with addiction


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