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Learning to be more honest with others

Dr. Paul

I saw a comedy recently that reminded me of something serious. The movie, “Late Night” starring Emma Thompson, is a story of a comic who is about to be replaced because her show has become stale. Why? Because she was no longer being herself, but instead was trying to please others. She didn't take any risks. Over time, her ratings declined. Read more about Learning to be more honest with others

Beating the seasonal blues

Dr. Paul

Autumn has arrived. Summer in the Northwest is everyone’s favorite season. The sky is a deep blue and the sun shines. We all look back at those lazy, bright days of summer with warm nostalgia.

I love the long days of summer. On July 4th, we have almost 16 hours of daylight. The sun rises around 5:15 a.m. and sets at 9:10 p.m. The western sky is lit until almost 10 p.m. It’s tough to get kids to bed in the summer and they’re up with the birds. The summer sun feeds our Northwest spirit. Read more about Beating the seasonal blues

Learning the meaning of real wealth

Dr. Paul

I spent my teenage years in New York City. My parents divorced when I was 13 years old and we moved to the city from the suburbs. I lived with my mother. She worked two jobs for several years, as did my father, to help pay for my brothers’ college tuition. My mother hired a housekeeper, Beulah, to help out while she was working. Read more about Learning the meaning of real wealth

How to keep active this fall

The morning air is crisp, the days are getting shorter, and the leaves are beginning to transform into vibrant colors of red, orange, and gold. While the summer heat has faded, we can still take advantage of outdoor adventure. Here are some fun-filled activities that will keep you and your family active this fall Read more about How to keep active this fall

Helping our youth live healthier

Dr. Paul

A recent 2019 study, reported in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology, reviewed a national survey of over 600,000 Americans. Their findings were concerning. The rate of major depression increased by 52% from 2005 to 2017 in teenagers and 63% from 2009 to 2013 for young adults. Serious psychological distress among young adults increased 71% from 2008 to 2017. Read more about Helping our youth live healthier

Spending quality time with your children

Dr. Paul

When I was growing up, children were sometimes seen but not heard. I remember family camping trips, picnics, and long car rides. Those excursions were warm and loving, but I hardly remember any individual time with either one of my parents.

On Sunday mornings I would drive with my father to the bakery to pick up sweet rolls and fresh bread. Those were special times. On holidays, I remember helping my mother bake her famous apple pie. I loved the smell of baking apples in the warm kitchen. Read more about Spending quality time with your children


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