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Childhood Influenza

If you’re exhibiting upper respiratory symptoms, body aches, shaking chills or fever, it is imperative that you contact your provider for treatment of influenza. Read more about Childhood Influenza

Parenting: Reward or Punishment

Dr. Paul
Happy family sitting on a couch.

Parents often use punishment as a way to change misbehavior, but that is not always choice. Simple behavioral principles like positive reinforcement and consistency can prove more effective. Read more about Parenting: Reward or Punishment


Speak from your heart

Dr. Paul
Adult couple talking and enjoying themselves.

Speaking from your heart poses a risk of hurt or distress. Maybe your feelings will be further hurt by how they respond. But they will also get to know you better and understand something about you too. And just as your words may bring you further apart, they may also bring you closer. Read more about Speak from your heart


Look ahead to 2018, but look back first.

Dr. Paul
New Year goal setting.

2018 is upon us—it’s time to look ahead to the New Year. But first, let’s look in the rearview mirror.  What were the highlights of 2017? Did you have goals or intentions for this last year? If you did, how did you do? Did you make progress in those areas that you wanted to nurture? Read more about Look ahead to 2018, but look back first.

Parenthood isn’t the easier job

Dr. Paul
Stressed mother in the kitchen.

Very few of us have formal education in parenting. Our main instruction came from the universal course called “Watching our parents 201”. Our parents, in turn, completed their parental training titled—“Watching their parents 101”. Parental strengths and shortcomings pass from generation to generation. Given our lack of family education and support, it’s amazing we do so well! Read more about Parenthood isn’t the easier job



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