Legislative advocacy



Speaking up for patients

We feel that it’s critical to speak up for our patients and our community. Here's how we do it.

Promote transparent health care

The Clinic supports creating a statewide database to help patients compare costs and choose quality care at a reasonable price.

When health care systems see other organizations offering the same quality service at a lower price, it motivates them to change.

Preserve Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage plans pay providers to keep patients healthy. This is better for patients and providers, and helps bring down costs.

We support Medicare Advantage plans because they're a step in the right direction. They help make Medicare stronger so people can get care in the future.

Raise Medicare payments 

Many people over age 65 find it difficult to get care. Providers don't want to accept Medicare plan members because they lose money when they do. In many cases providers no longer take Medicare patients.

In the Puget Sound region, Medicare pays less than what the care costs. The Everett Clinic loses $10 million each year on Medicare services.

Lawmakers must focus on Medicare payments to make sure people can get care in the future.

Pay for results

Right now, Medicare pays providers for each procedure they do, called fee-for-service. This drives up health care costs.

There is no financial motivation to keep patients healthy. No one is responsible for making sure that care focuses on the patient while keeping costs down.

Medicare must change how it pays for care and do a better job of keeping both people and the program healthy. 

Keep health care costs down

The Everett Clinic works hard to offer the right care while keeping costs down. We prescribe generic drugs, when possible, to keep costs down.

We've reduced the use of advanced imaging (up to 39%) by making sure it’s used only when necessary. This lowers costs for the patient.

By offering the highest quality of evidence-based care, we help make health care more affordable for our patients.