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Before we enter into any partnership we ask if it will:

  • Add value for patients
  • Help us prepare for emerging health care issues
  • Improve the health of the community

We’re pleased to partner with a number of organizations in helping deliver quality care to our community.

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Current partnerships

  • The Polyclinic and The Everett Clinic are proud partners of the American Heart Association (AHA). For nearly 100 years, the AHA has been fighting heart disease and stroke, striving to save and improve lives.

    Together, we’re here to support healthy habits, provide helpful information, and help make the world free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

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  • The Everett Clinic and Providence Regional Medical Center Everett may be thought of as competing systems. But we work together on regional goals. Here are some examples.

    • A 40-person Everett hospitalist team working at Providence 24/7. It's proven to be an excellent way for a large medical group and hospital to work together. We've been able to keep costs down while improving quality of care.
    • Sharing a regional cancer center. Several groups worked to make this possible: Providence Regional Medical Center Everett, The Everett Clinic, Western Washington Medical Group and Northwest Washington Radiation Oncology Associates. Everett now has a single, large cancer center rather than having two to three scattered through the area. And the center was able to buy specialized equipment that would have been out of reach for a smaller center.
    • Keeping patients healthy and out of the hospital. And when they need hospital care, sending them home with plans to get better sooner. Everett and Providence work continually to improve your health throughout your care journey.
  • The Washington Department of Labor and Industries awarded a contract to Occupational Medicine at The Everett Clinic.

    The Clinic was first awarded the contract in 2007. Its job was to find best practices in caring for injured workers. It was so successful that the state continues to contract with the Clinic today.

  • The Washington Health Alliance is a nonprofit made up of those who offer, pay for and use health care. A cornerstone of the Alliance's work is the Community Checkup. This is a regional report to the public that compares how clinics and hospitals deliver care.

    The report was made possible by medical groups like The Everett Clinic. We shared our data on 21 quality measures. This report makes it possible for us to be recognized for our achievements. We also can see how we compare to our peers, and find areas to improve.


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