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What does a patient representative do?

As a patient representative, you share your feedback through email questionnaires. Typically, we send one out every other month. Your feedback is anonymous, and we never share your contact information. All information is used to help us better serve you.

Once in a while, we invite our patient representatives to a feedback event. You can choose whether you want to attend. And you can leave the patient representative program at any time.

How have patient representatives helped improve The Everett Clinic?

Input from patient representatives has been invaluable. It’s led to improvements like:

  • The layout and patient flow of our Smokey Point location
  • Offering extended hours until 7 p.m., Monday through Thursday
  • Using kiosks to check in for appointments
  • Improving communication with patients when their doctor leaves the Clinic

What other patient representatives have said:

“Participating in this process allowed me to see the organization in new ways and deepened my respect for the people who run it … What a wonderfully positive environment in which to work!” — Don C.

“All of the members of the team made me feel not just welcomed but extremely valued.” — Leah T.

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