Myths about hearing aids and hearing loss

Learn about common hearing aid and hearing loss myths.


Learn the facts about some of the most common myths about hearing loss and hearing aids.


Myth: My type of hearing can't be helped

Fact: In almost all cases, deafness can be helped through amplification or making a sound louder. You may be able to get help for other kinds of hearing problems with medical care. Regular exams and hearing tests will help you find answers.

Sometimes a hearing problem is as simple as too much ear wax that needs to be removed. 


Myth: I will hear normally with hearing aids

Fact: Hearing aids can only help your hearing, they can't make it normal again or stop more hearing loss.

Myth: I don't need two hearing aids

Fact: Like your vision, your hearing relies on both ears to hear sounds and conversations. Wearing two hearing aids helps you understand more clearly and enjoy better sound quality.


Myth: Hearing aids get rid of other noise

Fact: If you're hearing background noise, how well hearing aids will help you will depend on:

  • The type and degree of your hearing loss
  • How well the hearing aids fit you
  • How well you adapt to using hearing aids 

Myth: Hearing aids cost too much

Fact: When you buy hearing aids from us, the cost includes follow-up service to adjust (make changes to your hearing aids) and keep up the maintenance of your hearing aids. Many patients find it a worthwhile investment to be able to hear better with hearing aids.

Myth: Bargain hearing aids work well

Fact: Hearing aids that you buy through mail order or online will not come with a team to back them up.

When you buy hearing aids from us, they're backed up with the knowledge and care of an audiologist or a professional trained in hearing care. We'll also make sure your hearing aids fit well. 

Myth: I'm too old for hearing aids

Fact: Hearing helps you connect with the world. Hearing helps you better understand and be understood by those around you, no matter what you're age. Your loved ones may also be thankful for your new hearing aids.

Myth: I'm too young for hearing aids

Fact: Hearing loss, at any age, can be frustrating and get in the way of communication. Hearing aids can improve your quality of life and can be worn discreetly, or so they're not noticeable.

Myth: If I had a hearing issue, I'd know

Fact: Many people don't know when they have a hearing problem. Hearing loss usually happens slowly over many years. Most people learn to make up for hearing loss by asking other people to repeat themselves, turning up the volume or lipreading.

Myth: I just need sound to be louder

Fact: Not really. In most cases, you can hear people talking, but have problems understanding what they're saying. You may be able to hear better in quiet places, but have trouble in noisy places or in groups of people.

Making all sounds louder just makes understanding harder. Hearing aids amplify the frequencies of sounds you need for better understanding. 

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